What a heritage believers have in the cross.
(this is not a painting:)) Here, on a wooden background of
the door or my big art studio when we lived in N. California
One Word Sunday, Weekly Smile

It has been cold, close to zero, but I wished snow would fall.
Often, like in my previous back yard!
Makro-Tex: Weather

One of the many orchids in the botanical building in Balboa Park, San Diego
FOTD. Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto
And below, since I needed a wordless capture,
a small bridge in the Huntington Garden Library looking
so compelling that I included it in one of my paintings.

Sundays Best, Wordless Wednesday

Peering in one of the windows of a historical building in Old Town Sacramento
made for a very interesting reflection.
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflection

When living in Northern California, I could take sky pics every day.
It was seldom a blue sky without any pattern.
Sky Watch

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Already last year in Fall I noticed my approach/style
in painting had changed. Not surprising. Had moved
to another state, people are different in Texas than in California,
the culture is not as rushed. What threw me more
for a loop was that also the content of my paintings seemed
to have changed.

Had to think and struggle with that for a while,
before I was ready to make this visible to you.
Even though I always have been a big proponent of truth,
you may see the subject is now
not displayed in a “neutral” way.
If you don’t know what “mene mene tekel” means and
to whom it was said, you may have missed this change.

Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Mene mene Tekel © St Germain

The king had become very distraught
when a hand began to write this on the wall
(no it was not with a feathered pen)
and his advisors had no clue. Someone knew Daniel
who had served the king’s grandfather, brought him in.
Mene mene tekel means, “You have been weighed,
and you have been found lacking (wonting).
This night the kingdom will be taken away from you,”
Daniel the prophet said
to the king who thought he could use the dishes
from the temple (which are by the Jews
considered as very holy), for his guests at his party.

Maybe king Belshazzar had no idea which
consequences there were to this act?

Not a chance. Daniel started out by saying, “You know that
God had your grandfather King Nebuchadnezzar roaming around
as a beast (a lion) with hair on its back,
living outside, eating grass with claws
for seven years, before his mind came back to him.”
Then, Daniel proceeded to tell what the meaning was
of what had suddenly appeared on the wall.
That very night an enemy kingdom took over,
and Belshazzar died.

Blooming baskets – cheerfully bringing things
in perspective. Whatever this year will bring,
I choose to be determined to bloom!
And I won’t allow it to intimidate me
when I see bare branches like below.
FOTD, the Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

This fall and winter the grass has remained green
in Texas since we had much green. Of course, just the same
we have bare branches in January:)

Courage will give me the necessary umph
when I see a hundred steps in front of me
to climb:)

In the Fall we watched on our Ipad the ballet performance/
fundraising event they put on where Peach was part of,
our littlest grand.
One Word Sunday: action

Wordless Wed.,
Weekend Reflection

and when the tide rolls in, and my feet get wet,
I can say, “Maybe wet, but I’m not overtaken!”

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Oil. 36 x 36 inch Spheres of Influence. © St Germain
“How shall we then live?” was the big question of Francis Schaeffer,
a philosopher who lived in Switzerland,
more known in the 1960 to 1980. It had been
since Bonhoeffer since there was a philosopher
who had much influence on the people of his days.
His question was the inspiration for this painting.

Actually, this should show before the painting was finished,
but usually since the first image shows on the net,
I chose to make this the second image.
When I was younger, philosophy was important to me.
Here, I show how I make sense of the process
of how we then should live -the (God’s) hand connected
to everything that happens on earth, and the multiple
and intersecting arches were the actual beginning.
The angels were added, and then moving from the unseen
realm to the visible world, thirdly – the pillars of society.
Here, all these ideas have already been added,
but in plenty of cases, the ideas may come
one after another, while I am working on it.

The general idea to get across is how a culture works
and how the spheres of influence interact. They’re also called
by some the mountains of society, but I prefer spheres
of influence. since they are formed and changed by
the interaction, while mountains are part of creation.

How PhotoAWeek perfectly fits in this post with posterity!
Our family is not as big as Nadia’s, but bigger than many
Dutch families, for we have 7 grand kids. Carene, 16 years old,
(the 4th) and almost as tall as her mom
who is 5’10” (1.78 meters).
It seems there are more opportunities for funny situations
to share. Even though this is not a conscious reason,
but a very telling thing is that in first grade I invited
ALL 28 kids from my class to my birthday party
(to the chock of my dear mother).

Have already enough of winter. Sure hope for a looong Spring season!

A few rays of sun in a dark somber sky ….
One Word Sun: weather., Sky Watch

Wordless Wed, Garden Affair

MakroTex – January, Weekend Reflection

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TO ALL A HAPPY 2022 -starting with no resolutions!

Whereas a new year for me was before just taken as a change
of date, a new year with a new strain of virus, luckily less strong,
makes one spend more thoughts in how to approach this year.
These two below definitely took the jump

Occasionally I do commissions. Here the request
of the bridegroom “to paint
something for their wedding on a the beach.”
For me it meant a research project
about their characteristics, their hopes
and dreams to start forming a picture in my mind
what their marriage would/could look like.
He loves horses, she celebrates life no matter
circumstances. Also they like the unusual,
and are adventurous.

Wordless Wed. – Jasmine
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto * Garden Affair

Since I did not link this birdie last week, it appears again,
begging me to get on the ball!
Photo/aWeek, Sat. Critters

Something new to do at Christmas- have not done any puzzle in years!
This one is a 1000 pieces. Used a wrapped canvas as backing
to get it on and off the table
One Word sun: the box is open, Makro-Tex: new

Uhhhhhh ….. jump?
Now our son after a Christmas with his parents,
hopped on the plane to visit California,
Switzerland, and Germany, before returning to work,
I realize how his thought processes resemble mine:
a daredevil mixed with moments of precaution.
(the gap is larger and higher than the image shows)
By the way at 4.30 am. the airport looked liked the 4th of July!!
Everywhere extremely long lines, and crowds
of people going back home.
Sun. Best, Weekend Reflection

Don’t know how these two colors appeared in the sky –
maybe how I held the camera, or the glare of the water
right behind this scene in San Diego.
Sky Watch

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Oil, 12 x 16 inch, Come Back © StGermain

On Rosh Hashanah two years ago (the Jewish New Year
in September/October) I felt the urge to paint this little painting.
The painting is small, but it will be the biggest event
for believers in Yeshua, or Jesus, the son of God
who once came to this earth
to save us from our wrong doings,
so we could have eternal life in heaven.

John and several other writers refer
 to this event that in the end of times,
that He will come back in the clouds
to pick up his believers, or stronger, his family,
becausehe made us like him (in his image.).

Our bodies will be changed in the twinkling
of an eye, and we will go upwards to join him.
I knew it would be “soon” as in
an eternal perspective, but may be a
heads up, to be sure you don’t miss this!
You never know … it may be in this decade!

Not in the twinkling of an eye, like the event above,
but fun to see lights twinkling at night down the street:)

Before looking around the corner, guess what we
have been doing this week
– snacking a lot on Christmas cookies,
when my son – who lives in Holland,- visited us
(the day he went on the plane to this side
of the pond, Holland was on locked down again!)

A corner is often an exciting moment –
what would be around the corner in 2022?
On one of my many happy memories of hiking
at Happy Isles to paint
(leading up to Half Dome, which hubby
is climbing up to) in Yosemite Nat Park
Travel Tue, Makro-Tex

Ah, a bench to take a break
One Word Sun, Weekly Smile

Wordless Wednesday
FOTD. Floral Fri Foto, Garden Affair

The edit is not perfect, but it’s better than the object in front
Weekend Reflection

Always time for a little birdie
Sat. Critters

String of Cotton balls in the sky
Sky Watch

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  • Oil, 18 x 36 inch, Poinsettia Christmas Tree, © St Germain
    That year someone gave us a large Poinsettia for Christmas.
    Because it was so large, it looked somewhat like a small tree.
    That idea reminded me on the song the Twelve Days of
    Christmas, and worked it out on canvas with
    some Christmas balls squished in between. Voila!

A detail of our tree last year

Had to get used to Texas where most houses have a
neighborhood association.
They are pretty lenient except for garbage bins
out of sight. They put up Xmas lights at the entrance.

A fantastic creation by Boo, our 5th grand.
Looking professional, Bro!
Weekly Smile, One Word Sun


We celebrate His birthday the 25th.
He is called the Lily of the Valley and Bright Morning Star
FOTD, Fri Floral Foto

The blurry reflections fit well here, on the border of
Sutro Bath in San Francisco
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflection

High up in the mountains of Yosemite Nat. Park
The grey mountain in the background is El Capitain
Sky Watch

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Oil, Three Thirsty Deer, © St Germain

Made this painting as a preparation for the usual summer
art show in Laguna, California. To make it genuinely
my experience, I chose
three deer that had actually been on our property.
It was a view of one of David’s songs “As a deer pants
for the water, so my soul longs for You …”

When I brought it, the organizer made a surprized
sound, for I usually do not paint animals.
She looked around, then
planted it on a low easel, plum in the middle of the room, 
saying “I just needed it there!”

This tree had a heavy loss with such a large branch missing.
This is why it took a while before we cleaning it up our last
winter in California.
Makro-Tex: memories

One Word Sun, Sun. Best, Wordless Wed.

Found this link Festive Bonbon via Prior House blog, and thought it would be fun to participate.

Tree: live, and since it’s on a small table, it reaches the ceiling
Christmas Carols: Immanuel, Hark, hear the Bells
Books: The Red Shoes
Movie: Forgot the title, but it’s about looking for a wife for the young Santa
Fruitcake: I can do without:)
Chocolate, nuts, fruit: Yes, in that order
Traditions: Painting from the Christmas story each year,
if not on Christmas day, then before January
On the table: it depends on adult child’s or friends Family
Memories: my family is 26 hrs. away or a plane trip across the ocean –
thankful for friends
Christmas Wish: that the expectancy of this time (without all the frills) would stay!

A detail of last year’s tree
Der Natur Donnerstag

When Hubs was in the hospital a few years ago,
I discovered that driving those hairpin corners
while descending and ascending in the mountains
for an hour between Pioneer and San Andreas
were not too scary after all.
Took this shot when I was NOT driving, lol.
Travel Tue, Der Natur Donnerstag

FOTD, Wordless, Fri Floral Foto

A sunset in my window:)
Weekend Reflection

Added this sky since my blog had difficulty with the previous linky.
Don’t apologize Sky Watch host, all is good:)

This is what I love about the mountains.
The sunsets are in winter just as fiery as in summer!

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