A friendly door in my street

An inviting message on this sturdy door

Everything says “Welcome to browse.”

Thursday Doors

7 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS

    1. Yesterday I rolled from one thing into another, with things happening that I thought could only happen to other people, not me (you don’t want to hear about it)!
      But one very good thing was that we decided on Photoshop elements, and happened to be on sale, and when we opened the box, there was an extra disk in it! It’s these kind of things and browsing in Pic no. 3 which I am used to and keep me joyful and balanced:)

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  1. Nice doors. We put a “No Soliciting” sign up and it has worked beautifully. I still get a few people who ignore it and I’m like, “How about the Dallas Cowboys?” and they are like what? And I say I am not going to tolerate a sales pitch but if you want to visit, lets visit and get to know each other, otherwise I am shutting the door.


    1. Haha. Alan, you make me laugh. Only builders wanting to sell a new roof to us, and neighbors come to our door (here in TX). On the country side more people came to our door, but it was more like a neighborly talk.
      By the way, hope you know my Sky Watch pic is in the post below? I don’t mind you commenting on this one, but then I thought, there’s no sky in this one!


  2. I didn’t notice your link on Dan’s page, Jesh. Better leave the link in a comment there… There was no pingback since you link to his blog as such and not to his Thursday Doors post. I really like your last door, such a great colour.


    1. Yeah sorry, I was going to come back and leave a link, but in the suburbs our weekends are much busier than on the country side:). Hope you’re having a good one~Jeshie2

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