This looks like a happy door with all that is around it.

A typical busy plaza with lots of eating places around in Sacramento

Although the most simple, the most visited and happiest door, because it’s where
I painted In Laguna Niguel, for approximately 5 years in front of an audience.

Thursday Doors July 2, 2021

10 thoughts on “THURSDAY HAPPY DOORS July 1, 2021

    1. They have some nice areas in Sacramento, but hardly any buildings one expects in a state capital. In Los Angels and San Francisco there are more grand buildings to see:) Thank you for visiting, Riitta


  1. Bright and happy looking. Thanks for sending me the link for your new blog. I saw my previous blog again cause I asked for my son’s help. Maybe you can ask the help of someone who is very hi tech.

    Have a good day my dear!


  2. It’s okay Teresa, I emotionally parted with it when I decided to delete it, because I still have all the photos I took. thanks for visiting me here:):) Have a great weekend! Jeshie2


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