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Colored Grasses 044

Wordless Wednesday
Der Natur Donnerstag



SignSmallFearNoEvil_6553In the mountains, you sometimes need a guide. What better guide than a shepherd,
since it is their living room! This  24 x 36 inch painting I painted
about half a year before covid-19 supposedly broke out. 
This is taken from the 23rd Psalm.
The Passion translation from the Aramaic, the street language of that time (so not the Hebrew), begins with “Yahweh is my best friend and my shepherd…. ” Clearly a CLOSE relationship, instead  of an acquaintance who some believers make him out to be!
The text (Ps. 23:4) for the painting adds to the older translations. “Even when your path takes me through the valley of deepest darkness, fear will never conquer me,
for you already have!”

Surprised about the first part – does it means that God may take us through a valley of deep darkness? Meaning God is choosing this, and it’s not an attack of the evil one? A change of paradigm for me, since I always thought,
that cannot be God’s will, because He would protect me from that!

It also talks in this verse about fear, and is much harder to talk about. It seems okay to be afraid when we are children, but not when we are adults. Last year was a very fearful period. Fear to get sick, fear to die, fear to lose loved ones. Much of that fear was even encouraged by the order to wear a mask and to do socially distancing. I won’t get into the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the mask, and the social distancing, because Sweden did neither of that, and their death count was nothing, compared to the USA and some other countries.

But what I want to take away from it, is that the fear we all had,
was a test of how much we trusted God,
and also what we know of His word of the Bible.
Me thinks that if some had realized that when the Israelis were slaves in Egypt, God rained down with NINE plagues on Egypt when the Pharaoh didn’t want to let the slaves go , but none of the slaves got sick!!

Yet, the Egyptians died. Another one of the passages about plagues is Psalm 91, that says when we live in the shadow of the most high God (again, you need to live pretty close, to live in Someone’s shadow!), we do not need to fear evil … and no pestilence (another word for plague, pandemic) will befall you!
When I was in those two doubting hours of “What if I get it? What if my children or grand kids get it?”
I could not even think about not having a heavenly father who is in control of his creation. Keeping the view of not needing God has become in this time as sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich, pretending you are not in a dangerous world, where anything can happen, such as being the victim of an angry mob and being killed by a crazed protester or being killed by a bullet. Or being caught catching a virus and die.

Am thanking heaven for being there and watchful over what happens to me. If you don’t know how to get in contact with God, just close your eyes, acknowledge him for rescuing you from your wrong doings and saying you want to follow him as your Lord and Savior. Is it that easy?
Yes, it is! If you are at a loss with the next steps, you can write me at junie15blooms @ Let me know if you need a Bible, so I can send you one.
For me personally it became clear that I had to make a choice to trust God, or trust the media.

This does not mean I am one of God’s favorites, because he is not a respecter of persons, but he does reward who diligently seek him (that’s not my opinion, but I need to look for the quote!) . And even then, if he thought it was time for me to come to his heavenly home, that would have been okay with me.
Do you realize that accepting Christ  as your savior, it is just the beginning of a different life? Some think that is all there is. Hope you will research more about what this means.
It is a crazy good mind-boggling journey!!



The reflected is actually very blurry. Hope James does not mind.
 Weekend Reflection



This might be the hibiscus blooming by the window of our previous condo.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss


CloudsSky_8496Sky Watch


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16 thoughts on “NOT SO HASTY

  1. That flower’s beautiful, Jesh, and I like the lamp as well. Your painting has so much to say about faith and Who’s by our side throughout life. I agree that we shouldn’t live in fear but God does expect us to use common sense and take precautions as needed and as we can. However, He’s ultimately in control no matter what goes on and what we do.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you much for giving your opinion, Janet! Where common sense turns into fear, maybe at a different point for each one of us. Also where we live. On the country side things were always much more normal than in Sacramento. That’s why I stayed out of the discussion of the masks and social distancing:)
      Also, the media and Fauci have played a BIG role (very politically slanted) in steering our emotions! Am so glad Paul Rand has spoken up to give us a more normal view a physician, like my brother, would have.

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  2. Hi Deborah and thank you! Am not sure if this sky is in Texas or in California. One post a week is my usual blog pace, and one for Thurs. Doors. It’s because some of my art endeavors are delayed because of costs. If you know of a second hand pottery wheel and oven, let me know:):)


    1. Thank you Keith! That you catch the meaning of my painting is most important to me:) Most of the images are for the weekly memes/challenges
      Enjoy your weekend! Jeshie2

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  3. Beautiful painting and inspiring thoughts. The same paradox is in the Lord’s prayer– “Lead us not into temptation.” As if God does the leading, but I never thought of it that way. The compound hibiscus is lovely. Most of those I see here have single petals.


    1. Ken, so true. For some reason I never saw that apparent paradox:) Yeah, I like to confuse people – with the Hibiscus (just joking).


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