THURS DOORS – for July 8, 2021

These are random doors, since I still need to transport some of my photo files from my previous computer. This one is a side door of one of the museums in Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena.

A few doors on the corner of Old Town in Sacramento, CA

The big door panel and the small doors on the side quickly taken in the Thai restaurant before having a meal with our friends.

Thursday Doors

14 thoughts on “THURS DOORS – for July 8, 2021

  1. Love the doors on the cabinet. Except for the subject matter, they remind me of some I saw (and used for the challenge, I think) a number of years ago in a Colmar restaurant.



  2. All nice doors, but I really like the doors in the restaurant. Those panels are so well done, such detail and craftsmanship. I also really like the stairs in the first photo.


    1. Their style of what comes on the wood is really attractive as a background.
      Since these stairs are one of the museums in the Hungtington Library gardens, I wonder if they are real marble (the owners were in the railroad business, and were loaded.)

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