DAN A.’s THURSDAY DOORS – July 22 My Old Neighborhood

In my old neighborhood in Southern California
is typically suburban.
Things may be older, but people take care of it.
No graffiti. Have heard that in the Northern states
the yards have no visible boundaries, like a hedge or fence.
It’s the opposite here.
Everyone has a fence or bushes and trees to mark their property.

No graffiti. Not even on garage doors. It would be too boring for some.
But I was happy here. Did my exercise walk in my neighborhood five days a week.
There were a few guys who always worked on their antique cars,
and I knew exactly when they would have a show,
because their friends would show up, also with their antigue cars.
One of them once asked if I was a wrestler (because they always
saw me come by with weights in my hands).
Was happy they thought so highly of women (they were all retiring age)

I think the most common door color in California, is a creamy white, with some glass.
So opposite from the Netherlands.
Dark green, navy blue, brown.
Whenever I come back to the neighborhood,
we’ll go out to eat with the one who bought our house.
That’s the type of neighborhood it is.

Thursday Doors

14 thoughts on “DAN A.’s THURSDAY DOORS – July 22 My Old Neighborhood

  1. Love that first shot, Jesh. In the Midwest, we sometimes had fences, usually the wire kind, between yards and in Illinois, our house didn’t have any dividers of any sort. Here in Arizona most people have walls which, although they don’t seem friendly, are rather nice where you’re sitting out in the evening and the people on either side are having pool parties. 🙂



    1. Thank you Janet. Don’t see my reply to you. Must have written it in my comment on top. But in case I didn’t, walls give more privacy, especially with a pool party next door, lol! Have been very fortunate here in the US and always had quiet neighbors.

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  2. We had tallish 6-7 foot fences on the sides and backyards at our old neighborhood, but here the fences on the sides are barely 5 ft at the sides and only 3 feet in the backyard, and no fences at all in the front yards. It took a little getting used to but, I am now.


    1. Had no idea you were going through an adjustment when we visited you! We keep this little secret between us. but California has stunning and beautiful landscapes in comparison to where I live now:)

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  3. That’s so cool that you have dinner with the people you sold your house to. We have a fenced in yard, but it;s not particularly private. The fence is to keep the dog from roaming. I kind of like the idea of darker doors.


    1. Thank you Dan, it was truly an all-American neighborhood:) A darker door is definitely more intriguing! Hubby discovered after we moved into this house (which from real estate pictures we knew had more than one big dog) that the neighbors had put chicken wire underneath the fence so the dogs could not dig their way into their yard!

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  4. It’s a nice shade of brown so it is not boring! I love streetart but it has its place…definitely not in homes. This is a very homely property, thanks for sharing.


    1. Just one of the houses in our street. Our house used to be a blue-grey, but the next owner painted ia a creme color, very common color for a house in California. Have a lovely weekend1


  5. So true. We have always been very fortunate that way. The present one looks busier because of the amount of cars, but the people are the peace-loving kind. We live in a cul de sac that has a family with young children, which makes it fun. Thank you for visiting, and have a lovely weekend!


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