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In reality, the reflection of the tree in Yosemite Nat. Park
was much more visible
than in this capture where the water is shiny.
Too beautiful of an opportunity to pass up
to make an 9 x 12 plein air in oil of it.
See below for Wordless Wednesday
Makro-Tex, Weekend Reflection

Shine, shiny, shining is on my mind.
A light shining in the darkness is such a beautiful concept,
for darkness cannot erase light.
Jesus, God’s son, is the light of the world.
Nothing can erase him.
No mysterious philosophies, or
overwhelming immorality
or tyrannical government.
Evil and death has been conquered by his light.
He keeps piercing the darkness …
Light always wins.

Stay close to the light
for he opens before me the right path,
leading me on in his footsteps of righteousness
I will never be alone for he is near
and fights the battles for us

They sang the last part on our wedding day

© Oil, 9 x 12, St Germain
Wordless Wednesday

Deer seen from the side

My African Violets are blooming every well and long, here in Texas
FOTD. Floral Fri Foto

Not correct English, but when the grass and the trees are so green
what comes to mind is that nature is blooming:)
Der Natur Donnerstag

Sky Watch with telephone lines
(still learning Photoshop Elements)

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    1. Thank you Carol! The title was the thought that got me to looking for images that had a strong dark component – I should do that more, because I have really enjoyed that:).


  1. Hi Jesh,
    I know the wonderfully clear lakes and the reflections in Yosemite NP. I like your photos.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke (Mainzauber / Naturdonnerstag)


    1. Dear EIke,
      Isn’t Yosemite NP awesome? During my study time we went there every summer for a week, and resulted in many plein air paintings. Thanks for commenting back!


  2. Great post! I like the pictures and the title reminded me of the song “Here I am to worship”.
    “Light of the world
    You stepped down into darkness
    Opened my eyes
    Let me see”


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