Walking on grassy hill sides with lots of trees, is perfect for summer!
Jo’s Monday Walk, Macro-Tex, Der Natur Donnerstag,

What is your first impulse when someone gives you a gift?
One may receive it with thanks. Another one may react happily that they deserved this.
The more precious the gift, or the higher in value, the more the recipient may protect it, or show it off in a glass case.
These first come to mind as natural reactions.
To put it in a wider perspective, this is how things mostly run in the world. Not so, in the kingdom above.
He gave his most expensive gift – his son – to die to save humanity from eternal life in hell.
He loves for us to do the same. When he gives us a gift, it is not for us to keep it tightly within arms’ reach.
A gift he gives – like music, money, at, writing, or whatever – we give it to honor him,
instead of using it for our own advantage, or for our gift to point to ourselves.

Oh no, you may say to yourself, then I’ll end.up with nothing
That is how I was raised. Yet, this is totally NOT how this thing works in heaven’s kingdom. Instead, when I give
what I received, I get more in return.

Weekly Smile, FOTD

Something strange happened when I started pointing to God in my paintings.
Somehow my gift started multiplying. ANYTHING I tried out
– watercolor, acrylic, pastel, scratchboard – succeeded!
Not only the additional mediums, but also the SUBJECTS
of my paintings began to mushroom.
Birds, planes, people, functional items were added
to the initial landscapes and abstracts.
In this I gave up my own agenda, needing to reach for more faith,
because I was terrified of some of these increases!
What was the most eye-opening miraculous thing to me
was the small 6 x 9 SIZE canvases
made place for 30 x 40 inch,
and even to 9 x 7 feet, and 10 x 17 feet.
It is NOT my talent, but in pointing to him I gave
the honor that would come to myself, to him.
This may remind you of “paying it forward,” but this is different.
My motive was not to receive back double.
My intent was just to honor him.

Wordless Wednesday, WeekendReflection

One of the many bridges in San Francisco, California
One Word Sunday

Summer sky. Usually I love vertical lines, but here the vertical ones
are very effective.
PhotoAWeek, Sky Watch

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34 thoughts on “UPSIDE DOWN

  1. Your flowers are gorgeous, Jesh!

    I agree with you – the more you give, the more you receive.

    In the words of my wise mom – give until it hurts!

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. I love your comments about gifts. So much of the time when we receive a gift, it is like “I didn’t get you anything.” It is hard to just accept a gift. I also love your comments about how your painting flourished when you had the right attitude. I think more people should think of their vocations or avocations as an offering. When I worked my mission was to get my customer’s natural gas to market. It helped put me in the right mindset.


    1. For our heavenly father the right mindset and attitude is everything! It took me a long time to understand that, but better late than never. Can you tell me more about bringing your customer’s natural gas to market (I don’t know if I understand what you mean …) Emille (Jesh)


  3. Some nice images, Emille. A fun selfie reflection, and a great bridge.
    In fact that makes two great OWS entries 🙂 working well with your theme of gifts
    This week is reflection and next week bridge – so I’ve linked you into both 🙂 🙂


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