Moments before we go through the stop light. What’s going on here?
Folsum, California

This image gives me the chance to adress something I discovered last week.
A peach sky during the day? A red light on the bottom? A second or third look should reveal that the color hues in this shot were changed. A green light should be on the bottom of the traffic light, not a red light!
A twinge of uncomfortableness should set in now.
That’s what happened last week when I saw a youtube video of Elijah Streams, where Clay Clark was interviewed.
I have known Elijah List (the original site) for longer than 10 years. They have integrity, and they only allowed stories of people who stand for the same.
I felt so uncomfortable about this interview that I asked hubby to view it. When watching it for a second time with him, I noticed that everything Clay Clark said, he backed up with giving the web site to look it up. That gave me more confidence
that he must be telling the truth.
continued below

On the parking lot of our grocery store Trader Joe in Sacramento California

Are you sitting down? If this is a bad day, postpone reading this for a day when you feel positive, because the Chicken Little’s sky is going to fall. (Chicken Little is a children’s story, and the famous line is “the sky is falling!”

Type in: “Elijah Streams with Clay Clark on Youtube”” and it should come up
(interview of 2 months ago)

When you read the article, you know this is not about politics, but about right and wrong, good versus evil, truth and lies.

Some perturbing items from that article (and in these last weeks I heard something similar from a different side, but I didn’t get the implications then)
– the corona virus was already made a year before everyone got sick
– the vaccine was made a year before the virus was in action
– the gain-of-function: non-frozen human foetus parts mixed with part of animal, to make the virus jump from animals to human beings

The intent was to harm people and have fear as a control over people (masks, vaccines). Not only in the USA but across the world. To keep it a secret, they LIED about almost everything.
This article I can’t finish yet, because I am still processing this.

About this image: Right after arriving on an overnight-er at her grand parents,
McKenzie spotted these two deer
and could not resist following them. You see one deer
next to the reserve wheel of the camper, and the behind of the other deer
between the lean trunks. The privilege of grandparenting – smile
Weekly Smile, Sundays Best

Love the lighting here.
Makro-Tex asked for red, and look, a blurry reflection
of the opposite building included
Makro-Tex, Weekend Reflection

San Francisco, California
One Word Sunday

Am not totally sold on Photoshop Elements. I miss the vibrance of
the color balance of the original one.

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19 thoughts on “MIDSUMMER DAY

  1. I loved your Oleander image. I’ve not seen it here and didn’t realize I’d miss seeing it until I saw this!
    Do you have Elements 2021? Are you watching tutorials on tips and how to?
    Keep at it you’ll find your sweet spot if you keep playing with it and watch some or more tutorials to help you make the colors pop and other neat things. Like every new tool/thing we try there’s learning


    1. Yes, I have more patience with learning theories or viewpoints, than digital work! in this area I hardly ever understand the instructions, since I’m on first grade level, haha (actually not really laughing!)
      Since we purchased it with the computer some weeks ago, it probably is the newest Elements.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What lovely photography. The pink oleander is particularly lovely, the flowers outside of TJ. Very poisonous, however. Jesh, please remember that even though people can cite a link to an article on the web, that does not mean it’s necessarily true. Please evaluate the sources critically. It’s not good to live in fear, right?


    1. Thanks for looking out for me, Sarah! The shock of the one who did the investigations, and the fact he had been a DJ before, leads me to believe, he has a knack to get to the truth. He has contacts like General Flyn, Mike Lindell, and the like. He was very thorough.


  3. Nice pics!
    I immediately recognized the bridge in your photo titled “San Francisco, California” it’s actually The Carquinez Bridge on Interstate 80 between Crockett and Vallejo. There used to be an old C&H sugar factory on the right side. I lived in the East Bay Area for four years in the 1980s. 🙂


  4. Great bridge structures & stunning photo. The pale pink flowers are so pretty. I’m a bit busy at the moment, hope things calm down.


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