This was I think in Solvang, Southern California


An employees door in the beautiful botanical building in Balboa Park, San Diego

“Must make food purchase with any drink order. Must have mask to order.” That was on the note pad in 2020. It probably changed into “must be vaccinated to order.” To me it would sound like vaccination is one’s right to life. Your privilege to be able to eat and drink. Which tyranny we come to?

Thurs. Doors

12 thoughts on “DAN’S THURSDAY DOORS- Aug 16

  1. Those plants growing out of the wall above the employee door look like antlers to me. Cool find!

    The building in the top image is familiar to me so, you’re probably right Solvang is where it’s at.


    1. Thank you Ken, I didn’t see this comment yesterday when I gave you a comment on your blog. Am nurturing a baby staghorn (compared to this one) – it survived last year’s move, so I hope to keep it for a long time


  2. Solvang is a cute town. I haven’t been to Santa Barbara wine country in years. I’d love to go again. Ditto for San Diego.

    Thanks for stopping by our WW 😺


  3. Both cities with harbors, and a special atmosphere (I don’t know if one can say: mood of a city). They are addictive, always something to see, and not too big crowds on normal days . Yeah, I had to give up my linky with the new editor of wordpress – it’s getting too complicated!


  4. Here in Ireland we now have a medical apartheid in place. You must be vaccinated to dine indoors and it rains a lot here. The police and specially trained inspectors arrive at pubs and restaurants to make sure they are enforcing the rule. I was happy enough to mask up and socially distance but for me, this is taking it too far.


    1. I hoped you would say that! I don’t even agree with a mask, but we did it to keep the peace with people in stores, etc.
      Everyone seems to forget that what we do or don’t do with our body is not a political issue, it’s a personal preference! Fortunately, in the USA finally many of the medical doctors start speaking up about the vaccine. Also, they just reversed a ruling of doctors being forced to carry out a sex surgery for supposed trangenders (I think it relates only to kids and teens – am not sure if it is across any age). Wished I could do more than just disagreeing!

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