Dan Antion’s THURSDAY DOORS – Aug. 26

An adorable little church on the way to the cabin where Hubs built a new redwood deck last year. Close to Senora , at 4000 feet.

Kinda messy, but the ingenuity for business on the rural side of California.

Spotted while we were visiting an art market on a sunny day
with our daughter and her two teens.

Thursday Doors

10 thoughts on “Dan Antion’s THURSDAY DOORS – Aug. 26

    1. Thank you Janet, those blue doors are wild, eh? Hope you tell us a little about Wyoming! It must have been something specific that drew you there?


      1. If you’re following my blog, you’ll see what’s going on. We share a cabin there with my brother and his family and have been going there since my parents bought the cabin back when I was in college. Mountains and horses are what drew my parents there and those attract me as well. 🙂


      2. Yes, I’ll visit! I remember your profile pic of a while ago pictured you with a horse. You’re one of the few who rides one. I never could be one – I get so seasick when I’m riding one, it takes all the pleasure out of it.

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    1. Thank you Ken! Laughing – it took some time in Photoshop to remove a big pole on the side of this church, because it was a drive-by shot:)


  1. Dan, I seldom eat tacos, but this view was at one of the boundaries of the art market where my friends had a booth – and I loved the doors!


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