Oil, 24 x 36 inch. Lavascape. © St Germain

Hope you caught the bull’s eye of last week’s vision of a flood
where people changed into matches because mainstream
thinking had made them so weak and fragile.
(my post of last week: What does change do to you)

To my horror I saw yesterday night on the news Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana with a wind fall of 150 miles, and parts are already flooding). My urgent message is that a physical death is tragic, but not even comparable to a spiritual death, which extends for ever in time, after our life on earth is over.

After that first vision. I put the light back off, to go back to sleep.
How serendipitous to come to the second painting
as fires are burning on the East coast.

You need to know that I decided to write on these visions
some two weeks ago, not knowing about these fires,
and this hurricane brewing.


As soon as I closed my eyes, to my surprise a new panorama
began to form. Now, I was up in the sky, looking down
on black earth with mountains,
as if I sat in an airplane. A thin veil of clouds
were at some places between me and the earth.
The earth started burping and belching.
At one place hot red lava coming out from the top
of a mountain. The earth burped at another place,
and hot lava came out. Then on another mountain, and another.
The lava started running down the mountains.
This activity of lava and smoke
was so intense. Being distraught I started calling out,
“Please, Lord, stop!”
The light went back on, to record what I had seen,
all the while wondering what on earth was going on??
What did God intend to say here?

Later, when doing some research on the internet about eruptions,
I began to realize how violent and destructive these eruptions were.
Two years later, the news of the eruption in ICELAND
was covered heavily, since it paralyzed Europe’s air traffic
for A FULL WEEK, and numerous
people complained about being stranded!
The painting of this vision
was much more complex than the first (flood).

After winter our tree had grown a huge hairdo.
Our World, Der Natur Donnerstag

Wordless Wednesday
Makro-Tex asked for Signs of Fall

Flowers (with berry like buds). About 10 trees with these
reddish and pink blooms are lining our fence.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Borrowed these doors from another post, to use the
reflections of the tents of the art market in Georgetown (Texas)
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed., Sky Watch

After all this intensity we could use some rest at Laguna, the Pacific Ocean..
PhotoAWeek, One Word Sunday

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37 thoughts on “WHAT’S UP WITH THE SKY

  1. Your volcanoes are disquieting. In recent years, five Atlantic and Gulf hurricanes made landfall on my birthday, August 29: Katrina (2005), Gustav (2008), Isaac (2012), Harvey (2017) and now Ida (2021). I lived in New Orleans when Hurricane Camille hit New Orleans in August, 1969. It was then the most intense hurricane to ever hit the US mainland. I served three months providing medical aid in four different hurricane shelters as a US Public Health Service officer. So many people lost everything.


  2. It must be horrifying for these to happen on your birthday, Ken. Don’t even know what to say – there is nothing comforting about it. Do you have any idea what God wants you to do with this?
    It was alarming as well for this view to show up in front of me. It is his mercy he did not give me a time when this would happen.. The only thing I know, is to ferociously pray that God would protect lives.


  3. Thank you Janet! With the first one (last week) I knew what the message was – not to get addicted or embroiled in mainstream views. Here, it is not clear to me, or maybe it will still come …:):)


    1. Laguna Beach is beautiful, and the only way to get a view without the beach overrun with people is in January when it’s cooler. Thank you for visiting, Diana:)


  4. I love volcanoes. We’ve been to a few around the world. Mt Etna the week before it erupted, walking the crater. You could kick the ground and steam would come out. Amazing. Nature is magnificent but ferocious.


    1. Great to see you here, Lydia:) Since a big part of my job was to pick up on people’s mood, one can’t help but transfer it also to landscape. I rather not visit a crater, just seeing an image makes me feel the ominous-sens about it…


  5. Emille,
    I’m glad hot lava is an oil painting, not a photo.
    Wonderful autumn signs.
    Fun looking that tree with a punk hair.


    1. Thank you, Kirsti! Me too:) But because I painted a vision, it means it is a warning. This whole series of visions were – as far as I know – warnings. I do not know what or how you believe in God, but he is intricately involved with the life and well-being of His believers. He warns us many, many times before He needs to judge a nation.


    1. Since I’ve been a few times in Okla. (because my spiritual mom and dad lived there, in Miami) I can kind of picture the frame of mind you are speaking from. You have to imagine Southern California as one very big area of tourists cities knitted together. There are always people everywhere, except for when it rains, or after midnight! So, this was already the case 35 years ago, when we landed there.


    1. Lisa – you have a new man at the helm with American roots, but also heard certain things in Israel are not quite what they are supposed to be … it’s in my thoughts – maybe you need a new election soon again:):)


  6. Impressive painting. I remember so well the volcano eruption in Iceland. It was this difficult volcano: Eyjafjallajökull – copied the text from online 🙂 I would love to be seated on the shore of that Laguna!


  7. Thank you Riitta – every time I stumble over the name of that volcano. Islandic must not be an easy language! When we lived in Southern California I took at of this beauty for granted!


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