Made the choice to get the whole building of Georgetown
in view, which brought the three doors
of each story into hiding:)

It looked like this quy would not move for a while so I snapped a shot
of the door of La Bella Casa.
Oh, and there’s the left bench for you:)

This kind of brick seems to be very popular in this part of Texas!

Thursday Doors
Worth a Visit – Dan Antion always has an interesting selection!

4 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS – Sept 9

    1. Hello Ken, that would be a strong possibility. Guess I never thought about that to be the reason that there are so many kinds of stone fences here (not in California!).


  1. I always appreciate seeing the architecture, besides, we have a good hint of the doors. I really like the reflections in the second photo and the corner doors in the lower image. I like that stone work in that building with the corner doors.


  2. Am happy the reflections of the art market are so vivid. Usually I’m not that fond of visiting an art market, but there were some unusual things to see in this one. By the way, scrolling through this weeks comments, I saw so many who were happy you were back – I don’t know if you realize how much you are liked by hosting Thurs. doors (it’s your personality – that’s my take on it!)


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