We are turning from summer into fall, into another season. Seasons reveal the cycle of harvest, and only God could have thought of this idea of the seasons, to make something that is necessary for continuance of our physical life into something so enjoyable in nature, as well as extravagant. It is magnificent, amazing, and comforting at the same time. I am a summer child, and so are four of my 7 grand children.

NO ESCAPE – vision 3

Oil, 24 x 36 inch, No Escape, © St Germain

Having lived in California for 3+decades,
am so used to summer and fall being fire seasons that it is again
serendipitous, that the next vision I saw was about fire.
There are at the moment many fires burning, the largest covering
191.000 acres in Northern California.
After the second vision, I sure hoped this was the end and I could get to sleep.

But no, again as soon as I closed my eyes,
I saw a strange fire. Through the flames I saw the face of Jesus
on a big billboard of the cinema. He was looking in my direction.
The people were running wildly, trying to escape the fire.
They couldn’t, because the fire was everywhere.

The people appeared from nowhere.
All rattled, scared, and confused as they tried to escape.
Every direction they turned,
fire appeared. They were of every ethnicity.

Both the subject matter and the implication of this vision
are heart wrenching.
Visually it was the clearest of the first three visions.
The presence of multi ethnic groups maybe an indication
of a global disaster. I put the building and the people in this time,
for that is how it appeared to me.
The face of Jesus on the painting is darker an more reddish.
When I saw the thorn of crowns I knew it was Jesus. His face
had an expression of “What are you going to do about it?”
What can I do about it??
My first instinct was yelling, “Please, stop! Please stop the fire!”

When I got to painting this scene, a few years later
there were some painting problems I needed to solve
to show the scene of what I saw. Chose this bird’s eye view of the balcony of
my son’s apartment (then teaching in Nanchang, a city
of 2 million, 12 hr. train ride West from Shanghai).
To be very clear, this is NOT an indication of where this took place,
but it is a background!! The view of the cinema
was perfect to give Jesus the central place in this vision.

Between the second painting of the lave Flow and this painting,
I first painted first 6 other paintings. That means there are a few weeks
of painting in between the previous and this fire.
Yet, eye opening is they have the same colors and style.

Oranges ripening in September-October. The Los Angels basin
was once known for its orange groves. A smiley surprise
that our friends had oranges in their new back yard:)
Weekly Smile, Der Natur Donnerstag

In California one can’t tell seasons by flowers, because this one blooms in September
FOTD, Makro Tex: September, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless, Weekend Street Photography

Cotton Ball Sky
Sky Watch

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    1. Lydia, that is California for you – flowers throughout the year. Back then the only time my roses did not bloom was February:) Surprisingly oranges ripen in the Fall!


    1. Hello Alan, Up till now I have lived in places where Autumn is super short, and hardly visible, other than yellowing leaves right before Thanksgiving, and then everything is suddenly bare (winter).


  1. It’s summer here all year round but my favourite season would be spring.

    Love the photos you shared, Jesh.

    Perhaps the vision you had was a foreshadow of the end times? Whatever it was, your painting is beautiful.


    1. Veronica, this whole series of twelve visions has that end time feeling. I am releasing one every week. This is no. 3. Hope you will follow me for the rest too:)
      That would mean much to me:)


  2. I was born in the late Spring and love that season, but Fall is my favorite season. I wish it was warmer longer, and the days longer then too, but it is what it is.

    I do love something about every season though.

    I’ve been thinking about God’s promise not to flood the Earth again, but fire does seem like a very real possibility doesn’t it! Scary!


  3. True, Deborah, this fire was hard to watch, because of the people trying to flee, without a way out. Bu I have to say though, God gives so many warnings before he finally renders his judgment …


    1. A few weeks I started a series of 12 visions I saw in one night (for two hours, all in a row – I was not frightened, but pretty upset though about the ramifications of them) …


    1. Kirsti, if you love flowers, you could be jealous, but on the other hand, California has every year fires (and often one of them is large) and people lose their homes….


  4. I prefer spring and autumn because summer is often too hot. This year it was a little different. I immediately remembered the trees in bloom. We were in California a few years ago in September.
    Thank you for participating in Nature Thursday.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke (Der Naturdonnerstag)
    P.S. Your Site looks great now.


  5. Thank you Elke (about my blog) – it’s a great background, but it is persnickety in some ways, like the permalink I have to do 3 times before it works:) My guess it you were just in time to go to the States, because air traffic between Europe and the USA is still closed (as far as I know). Have a great weekend, Emille


  6. I remember moving to Orange County… late 60’s I think. Orange groves EVERYWHERE! And the smell of orange blossoms EVERYWHERE! I miss the orange groves and the more rural OC with it’s slower pace and much fewer people.


    1. Peter, I hear you – I can imagine it was much more nostalgic and living at a slower, more enjoyable pace. That’s probably why everyone kept flocking to California (now everyone is moving out!) and this is a yard close to where you live! One of the streets leading up to Rancho Starbucks middle school


    1. Yes, JM
      they probably are warnings. I’ve experienced it so many times that a painting is a way of telling the truth where people do not feel personally attacked right away:):)


  7. Hello,

    Love the beautiful blooming tree. It is nice to have an orange tree growing nearby. I would have nightmares if I lived anywhere near the California wildfires. Cute puppy dog! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.


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