Black Door

Thought of taking of the lantern, but it makes this small restaurant quaint on the other hand This is I think in Jackson, California.

These are basement doors in Amsterdam. Last time we were there was 2013. The reason why these are fancy is because the merchants had their wares come by ship and stored in the basement. So, above this is the 2-3 story house.

Thurs. Doors

9 thoughts on “DAN ANTIONS THURS. DOORS – Sept. 16

  1. The door at 711 is interesting. I like the look, but it looks like it used to swing open the other way. I guess the exterior hinges still look good when the door is closed. Those are mighty nice looking basement doors. The details are amazing.


    1. Never thought about 711 swinging the other way … maybe you are right! Still can see myself running behind hubs and our friend in Amsterdam with my camera, who was more interested in the harbor than in buildings, even less: doors, lol.

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