PhotoAWeek, Multiple Shapes

Am taking this week a break from my visions series, because
something important happened last Wednesday night.
On my calendar it’s called “Patriot day,” but everyone on this side
of the pond knows what Sept. 11 commemorates.
We think of the fallen, when several airplanes caused
enormous destruction and many, many deaths.
This year – 2021’s Sept 11 – is the 20th year’s commemoration.

This year is even more painful for a number of people,
because America is in worse shape (read: in a threat worse)
than 20 years ago with giving the Taliban to Afghanistan.
I had no personal losses,
but the inept dealings of this administration leaving
Americans behind enemy’s lines,
resulting in private citizens trying to
get them out, frustrates me without end.
Especially when the government makes it appear that
everyone who wanted to get out, succeeded! NOT TRUE!
There are still a few hundreds of Americans waiting
to escape, and the government is
preventing their planes to leave…
My mouth is open with ….
The following event however,
prompted me to publish this post.

On Wednesday night, I made myself ready for bed, tired,
and hoped to fall asleep quickly, because
tomorrow we would get up earlier to make the
almost 3 hour trip to Dallas, to pick up my potters wheel.
I jumped in bed, switched off the light, and closed my eyes.
What then followed, was
I saw a big Ferris wheel in front of me.
Bigger than the one of the Irvine shopping Center
where we regularly shopped while living
in the Costa Mesa condo.

In reality we never got to ride the Ferris wheel, but
in this vision I went on, when seeing this Ferris wheel.
There was also an older gentleman with white hair,
wearing a suit, going on. Paid no further attention
to him. After a few minutes, when the
Ferris wheel was back in motion, I saw to my horror,
when looking down, that the elderly
man was laying on the ground, as if
he had fallen off. A man in a red shirt
was bending over him to see if he had died.

Of course, the Ferris wheel stopped. In my mind,
I remembered that when he got on,
he looked a little like Joe Biden. I heard
from someone nearby, “He thought he could fly.”

He could fly?

Then the Ferris Wheel got back in motion. I was enjoying
myself until I looked down to the ground.
To my astonishment, at least four other men had fallen
to their death. Then I realized that this was what
several prophets had predicted about this Fall.

By this time I had come to the conclusion that the first man
who fell to his death, was Joe Biden, because of what
someone said of him, and because of what followed. 
The prophets are all saying the same –
that many would fall in Fall.
Their fall may not always mean a physical death,
but could also be a death in their purpose,
having to resign from their post. I am thankful
that God intervenes in this cycle of evil
where his enemy, the devil,  overplayed his hand
and tried to bring in the Anti Christ before his time.
The Creator says “not yet.”

In the Exhibit of The Laguna Painting show (not mine)
– a completely the opposite attitude. A father waits for his son,
no matter how long it takes. Same should be for
someone who thinks he is president.
He doesn’t abandon people when it does not fit him.
One Word Sunday – Exhibit

A branch of our dogwood tree in the forest in North California
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

So cute to visit me on the first day of Hub’s building the new deck
in Senora. That made me feel like I was back at my own house,
where we saw deer almost every day
Makro Tex, Der Natur Donnerstag

On our way to do groceries is Senora California
Sundays Best, Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wednesday, Sky Watch

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28 thoughts on “THE FERRIS WHEEL

    1. Thank you Dan. In high school we made a pot without a potters wheel, that was my first and last time:) so this is my first time – people advise me to take a class – we’ll see:)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I liked Ferris Wheels as a child but no longer ride them now. I do remember the feeling of freedom and would love to get on one and ride away from our problems. Wish it was that easy.


  2. Ahhh…riding the ferris wheel and moving away from problems would be wonderful. Our country certainly is in a bad way….in many regards. I wish we had more solutions than problems. I appreciate you linking up. Have the best week ahead.


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