OIL, 24 x 36 inch, The Drain, © St Germain

No, no sleep yet, after I switched off the light and closed my eyes!
Normally I would have been impatient, wondering what
was going on, but the images I saw were so riveting,
that I was immediately involved with the view in front of me.

Had to think several days before I knew how
to paint this, because what I saw coming out of the drain
was a pale colored inflated bag. To just color the bag,
would make it look like a balloon – wrong choice,
because it’s often associated with celebrations
or birthdays! I ended up with the upper part of an
air balloon, – indicating that one needs to rise higher
than living in sewage! –
something that is inflated, is highlighting that God
was flagging what was underneath the drain!

Sewage is not a kosher subject, but it’s pretty clear
what God means with this.Things so disgusting
we want to get rid of and hide it from our surface life,
so the first impression is we are dealing with our waste issues.
But an inflated bag is like a flag,
to really investigate what our ugly and smelly stuff
underneath the surface. It is ESSENTIAL!

Wordless Wednesday
Weekend Reflection

FOTD. , Floral Fri Foto

My first time of Escargot
Makro-Tex: on the plate

This capture in Nice (pronounce niece!), France, does not do justice
to the feeling I got when walking by :
it’s definitely closed! It might as well have been : No Trespassing!
One Word Sunday

Let the withering of Fall begin!
Weekly Smile, Der Natur Donnerstag

Unassuming little slivers of clouds
Wordless, Sky Watch

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49 thoughts on “MY ESSENTIALS

    1. Thank you Teagan. Am glad these kind of visions are not common place when trying to fall asleep! On the other hand, even though most of these visions in this series were high level alerts, God knew I would get over the “Why ME?” and knew I would start investigating what he meant with them. We each have a specific purpose in life:)


  1. Lots of lovely photos here, Jesh. I really like that stained glass window and the explanation of your painting. The Nice shot is so attractive. Hopefully you’ll be sleeping soundly tonight. We finished a very, very difficult puzzle last night late (for me–10:30) and then I was too wound up to go to sleep and read until almost midnight…only to wake before 5 am. Sigh. Ahh, well, I too should sleep well tonight.


    1. Janet, am smiling!
      Isn’t it funny how when we are “retired” from our job we somehow end up just as busy, or even busier, than when we had to go to work? Sweet dreams for tonight:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Debbie:) Wished we could have stayed longer than a day in Nice, since we missed the beach there – we were there mainly for the Chagall museum (He is one of my very favorite painters) – worth the visit and one of the few museums you can use the camera to capture the paintings!


  2. Thanks for commenting on my reactivated blog. Writing during the last year has been difficult. I’m glad to reconnect. I tried to link to All Seasons this week and knew you had moved on. Your image and thoughts about hiding sewage in life and mentally hit home. When you live off the grid handling human waste takes on a more personal approach, especially in a float cabin where preserving water quality is of the utmost concern. It’s nothing like flush and ignore. – Margy


    1. I will give you the link for the new All Seasons! I can imagine about human waste. When we lived in the forest, we at least had a septic tank – never had any problems.


  3. Quite an intriguing painting, with the colors and the storm drain. I also like the stained glass “Wordless Wednesday” photo.

    Thanks as always for stopping by 😺
    -CatSynth (Amanda)


    1. Thank you Amanda – I stumbled into this building (restaurant) with several stained glass windows, when we stopped, just to see where we were at on our first outing in Texas:) By the way, I love the name Amanda:)


  4. This is where I still lack the knowing of the times…. It could be … but it may also point at time where several volcanos across the globe start erupting at the same time …. wish I had the the answer! Thank you for visiting me:)


    1. The trigger to this reflection is the meme “Weekend Reflection” on Friday that I participate in! The direct link to that site is on the bottom of this post where all the links to the memes/challenges are displayed. Thank you for visiting!


  5. I like the painting. Would not mind to hang it in my wall at home. But it´s probably outta my reach i.e. too expensive. Nice one!


    1. Shiju, hope everything is okay in your country? (regarding the virus) True, it could depict that, but since this vision was in this series, I think it had a more ominous meaning than a practical one:) Thank you for visiting me!


  6. Greetings and Salutations! Slivers of sky is a great title of the image. Painting is wonderful with the point being getting underneath the surface…layers. Putting things into a bag and letting go of the stuff is a good message too.


    1. Have been thinking on and off to take up stained glass, but since I bought a potters wheel, throwing clay will come first:) Have a lovely weekend, Michelle!


  7. Escargots are yummy and that window a piece of art! The fall has arrived, cool and rainy. Nothing else to do than make oneself cosy in the house. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.


    1. Thank you Ritta. It will be at least November before it’s cool and rainy here in Texas. The first part of this week it was 100 degr. F outside:) But I am counting on a pleasant weekend anyway:)


  8. It is a painting, dear Amalia – 24 x 36 inch with oil paint – a little bit more than a drawing (here they would call a drawing a sketch, but am happy you like it!


  9. Nice post! The flowers are really pretty and your painting is fascinating. I was dreaming this morning but all I can remember is someone yelling “Psalm 46” before I woke.


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