Oil, 24 x 36, Sunstruck, © St Germain

When for the sixth time, a vision started forming in front of me,
I immediately was struck with the incredible heat, which would
have been unbearable if I had not known the heat
of Southern California. The sun was just too blinding hot
to look at. Luckily there was some shade
in front of this mountain ridge. My tongue was stuck
my lips too parched to call out anything.
My hope of sleep had by now flown away.

Have not told you yet, that it took me two years
after the visions, before I started painting them.
I started with this one, because it was the most familiar
of all these weather disasters I had experienced.
It became one of my favorite paintings from this series.

Chose a mountain range in Colorado Springs (the Garden
of the gods), where I was for a week to accompany Hubby
for a job (Another deck:)). Loved the rocks there.
So intensely red. The man was not
 in my vision. I added him for clarity,
that it was more urgent than a just dry day in summer. 
It was finding water, or die. I call it my Picasso
touch, for the style reminds me of his early period.

Did I ever tell you where we had our honeymoon
turned out to be the birth place of Picasso?
Malaga, Spain

This opposite view is at the East side of Yosemite Nat. Park.
Foam-crested waves, the sound of the water,
watching the shadows move. I could sit here for hours
and hours breathing in this atmosphere.
(Almost) Wordless Wed., Der Natur Donnerstag, Weekly Smile

Wildly blooming iris with a short bloom period on our previous forest land
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto *

Hope this qualifies for Street photography of
Weekend Reflection. Good job, mom to let your child explore!

October leaves for Makro-Tex

Funny that Thirsty is so opposite from the rain
for One Word Sunday!
Rain at 3000 feet in the mountains is very
different than in town or city. The day before, the
temperature plummets 10 degrees. There are always
floods, here and there, since there are only run-offs
at certain places. Everything gets drenched with water:)
One Word Sunday

Goodbye summer – for most of you. Not yet where I live (Texas)
Have no idea why the blue of the sky in Huntington Library
Gardens did not continue in the lower region,
but there’s probably a technical answer to it.
Please, I don’t want to know the answer:):)
Sky Watch

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28 thoughts on “THIRSTY

  1. There’s an Australian classic novel called Picnic and Hanging Rock and your first image, in B&W reminded me of that. Great shot. It’s better in B&W than colour – for some reason the colour of the backpacks difuses the image. #Sundaybest


    1. Wow, you hit the nail right on the head, Shiju – not many are able to catch my drift:) I like to paint intensely when I have the opportunity to paint in red, because painting is an intense thing for me.


    1. Feel honored being compared to his art (less to his personal life, lol). To live in nature was magical, but also hard on hubby, because living on an unpaved road meant we had to take care of weekly garbage ourselves, and fire insurance became sky high, also with 1 1/2 acre work was never done for him.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I suspect that the climatic fluctuations are much more severe in the USA than here in Germany. I found Yosemite NP overwhelming.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke (Nature Thursdays)


    1. Dear Elke, hope it was a “good” overwhelming:) When you live in the city (like I did back then) you crave the restful green of the trees, and water falling and splashing. In Texas the temperature swings much more sudden than in California. Thanks for hosting DND!


  3. When I lived in Southern California I found our skies didn’t get completely clear. Look up and they would be blue. Look to the horizon and there would be haze. Smog never got as bad as when I was little when we got smog days and were sent home early if it was really bad. Even when I was a principal there were poor air quality days when we couldn’t let the students out for recess or physical education. January was the month I remember with the clearest skies. – Margy


    1. Ugh. smog! Was fortunate that the last place we lived in California was at 3000 feet, but when we would go downward to Sacramento to shop, we knew if it was a clear of smoggy day! Thank you for your visit:) Emille (Jesh)


  4. That iris is intense!! So is the sense of heat in your painting. I’ve worked there for a little bit and the sun just beats down on one. I’ve sensed that in parts of Texas also. And rain shot makes it feel soaked and incredibly wet. I’m looking forward to October leaves here, the trees are thinking about turning but haven’t yet.
    Take care and have a great week!!


    1. Peter, I forgot to tell that these rocks are in Yosemite Nat. Park – that’s where we went every year for our week of summer vacation. , and where many of my plein air paintings come from:)


  5. Breathtaking photos and painting. Somewhere in the world there is a shortage of water and elsewhere there is too much of it.


  6. You shared some beautiful photos & impressive painting! I have visited Picassos home museum in Malaga, not my hopneymoon 🙂


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