Oil, 24 x 36 inch, The Shiny Wall, © St Germain

This is not the end of the visions yet!
Several of them I saw with a veil of mist over them
so it was more challenging to determine
the details. I sensed that this copper looking wall
with an eye engraved could be one of the world wonders
people all over the world would flock to.

I chose to add two people to symbolize the
intimacy and seductiveness this sculpture carried.
I imagined this to be a symbol of pride,
an all-seeing dark eye, and artistry.
Hopefully some will be able to take a step back,
instead of like these two, being totally
swallowed up by the media hype.

Also the smoke on top was not in the vision. I included
it to strengthen the feeling of mysteriousness
and religious seductiveness this scene carried. Do you
know that feeling seeing something simple, but sensing a
host of other unseen things that cannot
see daylight, are connected to it?

For the wall, I used Golden Acrylic Iridescent and Bright
Gold Renaissance Gold from Artists Oil color and
Winton Titanium White mixed with Cadmium Yellow light
(meaning, I Mixed Oil paint with Acrylic paint to achieve
this bright effect. Not usually done!)

My scene for the next watercolor
Wordless Wednesday, Der Natur Donnerstag

my Watercolor 10 x 14 1/4 inch, © St Germain

Nothing fits October better than red berries:)

FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Reflections of cars across the street
Weekend Reflections

Don’t these clouds look like a flower?
Sky Watch

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22 thoughts on “THE JOYS OF OCTOBER

  1. I like the implementation of the forest motif in the watercolor picture very much. The red berries and the Hibiscus too. Thank you for participating in Nature Thursday.

    Herzliche Grüße – Elke aus Frankfurt / Germany


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