Oil, 24 x 36 inch, Hurricane alley, © St. Germain

This vision began with complete darkness.
I did not see anything, but heard a wailing wind
that grew stronger and stronger. When lightening
would flash and lighten up the sky for a moment,
I saw the fierce hurricane blowing,  and a funnel
of dark clouds going up, one after the other, around the globe.

Up till now I had painted the previous paintings at almost
supersonic speed, and resolved most of the
“painting problems” (among artists: every painting
has some problems that need a strategy) to my satisfaction.

With this one I decided to reverse the sequence:
the starting point became to focus on the finishing
touch and adjusted the design to it  – which was
how everything would appear the
 moment lightening struck. The challenge of this
painting was to present it as an event that could really
happen, instead of over-dramatizing it, so people
would immediately distance themselves from it,
instead of taking this as a serious possibility.

Not totally committed to Fall yet, but leaves begin to turn!
der Natur Donnerstag

Our Lantana became smaller and smaller, and at first we could
not figure it out, because it had enough sun, until
hubby discovered two bunnies becoming regular visitors
of our yard. Well he bought netting or whatchemecallit,
and the party was over for the two sad bunnies,
looking at the beautiful recovered flowers.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Not only rain, but it also looks cold here
Makro-Tex, Weekend Reflection

What a difference the sun makes!
Wordless Wed., One Word Sun

Reflection of building across the street
Weekend Reflection

Stormy Sky
Weekly Smile, Sky Watch

MY FIRST VIDEO – not that I wanted to, but how do you say NO, when you hear three times “SAY to the people?”

Anyways, it’s pretty clear I have never done this, and not polished, or much time to smooth over the transitions.

But of course, some of you may need to HEAR this! My link to Youtube

and my link to Rumble

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TUESDAY – Makro-Tex: * Travel Tue * Tue Scribbles *
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wednesday * Der Natur Donnerstag *
THURSDAY – Sky Watch * Thankful Thursday * Floral Fri Foto *
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss* Weekend Reflection*
SUNDAY – One Word Sun * Sundays Best *

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33 thoughts on “WIND CIRCLES

    1. Ally, we are finding this out now:) I guess there are more animals around here, because we live at the border of a suburb, and not really in the city of Austin. Good to hear from you!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The painting reminds me of the scene in Kuwait when the Iraqi troops torched the oil wells as they withdrew.

    I love the windswept sky.

    Then bunnies, they eat everything. We have some hawks in the neighborhood who like bunnies. Hawks need to eat to is my motto.


    1. Were you in the Armed Forces before, Allan? Wonder how long those oil wells were burning… one clever way to prevent the enemy from having any benefit.
      Don’t laugh but I thought bunnies and deer only ate grass. In my previous living place we didn’t see many hawsks, but vultures – yes.


    1. Compared to Europe, there seem many more (non-domesticated) animals around here than in Europe. What about Arkansas? Thank you Janet – the process makes it challenging, and what is not seen in the end result – but that is what I like about painting – it does not need to become a mindless habit.


    1. Hello Traude,
      What I wondered is if it is common for people (women) where you live to choose bold colors for their clothes? Is that in vogue right now? After having lived on this side of the ocean for more than 3 decades, I am so out of touch with Europe’s fashion! (you may remember that I am originally from Holland…)


  2. Was delighted to see you’re back. I did visit your former site, and you were gone so I had to wonder what happened and missed visiting you. So amazing to see how you envisioned that painting. Have a happy week.


    1. I’ll go your blog next Tue and explain more why I disappeared. Also, the weeks prior, you had no Tues. Textures so I thought you had stopped it. But thank God, I saw your comment on a list I was on too:):)


  3. Your painting technique is interesting but it’s beyond me. I’m glad you saved the lantana – it’s beautiful. Sad for the bunnies but I know they’ve found something else to eat. Bunnies are resourceful.


    1. One of my discoveries doing this series of visions, that non-painters have no idea how one comes to the end result! Which is for me as important as the reason why I paint a certain painting:):) What I wrote underneath the painting comes in one of my 5 painting journals. Your comment gives me an idea to work out this idea in a post! Happy Wednesday!


    1. Veronica – thank you so much for the encouragement! Many times I wondered WHY ME? But you are right, when I hear about a painting, it is because it spoke to them about His love or provision for them:)


  4. Pretty storm sky! I’m surprised the bunnies would eat your lantana. They have oily, noxious leaves. My arms break out with rashes any time I come in contact with them! Beautiful flowers, though.


    1. Peter, I think the bunnies are after the flowers. Ever since hubby put netting around it, the bunnies have disappeared. Thanks for the warning about the leaves! Have a great weekend!


  5. Hi Jesh,
    I love your Hurricane alley! I would gladly hang it on my wall. Also the rainy cafe is pretty and cosy, nice fairy lights as well. In Finland evenings are pitch black, fortunately there are fairy lights. Wishing happy Halloween.


    1. Dear Lisa – do you get to see the turning of leaves in your country? Am asking because when we lived in Southern California, we only saw it up at higher elevations!


  6. Those rabbits must be pretty desperate! Lantanas have quite formidable thorns and tiny prickles, as well as a host of irritating chemicals on their leaves (as well as an unpleasant odour!) Their flowers are wonderful though… Lovely images, Emilie!
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


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