24 x 36 inch, Oil, Passing of Time,© St Germain

When I saw in this vision, I immediately knew
these represented the three blocks
of time, described in Rev. 12:14, as
”a time, a time, and half a time.”
To prevent the”times” from inadvertently getting lost, or
the idea that these “time periods” did not belong
to this series, I added them to the following vision
in a transparent way, as to interfere as little as possible.

These blocks refer to a very significant time, and
appeared on Sept. 24, 2017 in the heavens,
seen in the constellation of the stars
as the woman in Rev. 12:6 ready to give birth,
while the red dragon is positioning itself
to eat the child. This event was seen
all over the internet at that time.

You can see that the visions of crises
in weather now clearly turned
to eschatological events

Then, what I saw was like a TV was turned on. In
the distance was a higher mountain range than I depicted.
A new society, I imagined when I saw
a golden glow over the mountain range,
with rivers and waterfalls,
and “things moving.” On closer look, they were short
people busily doing daily things,
seemingly knowing each other.
They walked with what seemed animal skins on.
They lived in the caves of these mountains
without modern amenities.

This was an extremely bright landscape.
It was much beyond a breath of
fresh air, after all the previous harsh weather
conditions and storms. It had the impression
of a breathtaking beauty and peace.

Notice, the mountain to the left looks from
a distance, like a lion’s face. No matter what I tried to
change it, I did not succeed! Oh well, maybe
it’s supposed to look like this!

White Bokeh

Red and White – you can’t miss!

Moving to another state made me receive
and send cards for birthdays to my family
and for Christmas also to friends !
Haven’t done this in decades! How about you?
Makro-Tex -striped

There seems to be a larger variety of pumpkins this year.
I use it in my curry, breads, etc
Am joining Tue Texture on Wed.

This restaurant had a very unattractive entrance. but their lamb meat was good

The cushions and lamps made a luxurious impression

A sunset in North California
One Word Sun.: Dark, Travel Tue, Sky Watch

Because of the shine of the sun on the water, the reflections
are more difficult to see, but at least you see two tree trunks
Weekend Reflection

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41 thoughts on “TIME PASSING

  1. Maybe that’s Aslan, Jesh. 🙂 I love lamb and the shot of the roses is lovely. After we moved at the start of Covid, I started sending cards “just because” rather regularly. It’s always a joy to get real mail, isn’t it? 🙂



  2. It looks like we have some things in common, eh! Still remember when I was a “poor student,”‘ I used to ask hubby, “How many Xmas cards can I send this year?” because of the number of stamps:):)


  3. I see two dogs one sleeping dreaming about people making music and dancing, and the other laying with its head possibly on it paws sharing the dream. Funny we see isn’t it.

    Your sunset and pines image is just lovely!


    1. There is that personal touch about Christmas cards, knowing someone chose to buy, send a note, bought a stamp and went to a drop-off box for you!


  4. I do see the Lion. Interesting that you couldn’t change it…must need to be in your interpretation. I’ve always loved mail even as a kid. I’ve regularly sent cards, but sad no one does anymore. I saved some for a while because figured they may be priceless someday with the stamps. I so love the ones my late husband and I use to send to each other when we were apart, and also all the notes we wrote in HS. Lovely painting and flowers. Have a happy week.


  5. As in Armageddon? It looks like the woman are emerging from the mouths of large animals but mostly I’m stumped.


    1. No, it is a new earth (after Armageddon) – it is a mountain range with people living in the hollowed out spaces … hm, this gives me an idea for a video…. thanks for visiting Colleen:)


    1. Oh, I”m glad you did not notice, before I mentioned it! Thank you for leaving your perma link. Is it okay to paint your kingfisher? Please let me know …. thanks!


    1. Since I am a painter, that would have taken too long (my main medium is oil). When I was a poor student I used to ask hubby, how many cards can I send this year?


  6. I love seeing your paintings. That restaurant looks interesting to me. I miss food variety living in a small town. Thanks for linking up.


    1. Oh, do I know, before we moved to Texas we lived on the country side – and there was lterally one restaurant we liked, but Sacramento was 1 1/2 away, so we were not suffering, lol. Thank you for making Thankful Thurs. available to us:) Emille


    1. Gemutlich is one of those words that does not sound “right” in another language:) It’s a Greek restaurant, so lots of lamb dishes. Have a great weekend (hopefully without rain!) Emille


    1. Thank you Keith, this one was kind of fun, to mix abstract with impressionism.Whenever convenient, I like to know what you did to make your captures so super big:)


      1. Emille, I went for the simplest WordPress theme I could find, it’s called Plane, put the widgets at the bottom, not the side and made the middle section as wide as it allowed when setting it up. Also, when I add images I stretch them out to the maximum width allowable. I’m not sure if that helps!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, that’s one of the differences between California and Texas. In the first state “looking good” and tasting excellent is much more important than here, it seems like..


    1. Thank you Traude – painting this landscape was not as difficult as some other things I saw:)
      What was a challenge sometimes was to pair the painting with images for the memes/challenges:)


  7. Your painting is impressive Jesh. I have quit sending postcards on birthdays or at Christmas. Mostly a phone call or an email. Nice oriental lamps in that restaurant!


    1. Thank you for coming by, Riitta. Haven’t sent postcards for about 30 years, because to send presents to 12 other people is a little bit too much for a reduced income (social security):)


  8. That’s a very interesting painting.
    Looking a the mountain on the left. I see a woman cooking in the top cave (could be the lion’s eye?) she’s facing left. That woman also appears to be on the back of a right-facing galloping horse. Below the horse, there seem to be three yellow spirits rising above the people dressed in yellow at the bottom. Maybe my imagination is too vivid. 🙂

    The weather here has been in the 60s during the day and 50s at night with some fog and drizzle but mostly sunny.

    Liked by 1 person

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