Webb’s Hall 1898, Senora CA

Coffee place, probably in San Francisco

The Celtic Knot (knitting) in Senora, CA

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5 thoughts on “Dan’s THURSDAY DOORS Nov. 11

  1. I love the brick and stone facade in the upper photo. I would have expected the Celtic Knot door to also be green, but I always like seeing a red door. We don’t see many yellow doors, so that’s a nice surprise. I hope you’re having a nice week.


  2. It’s a nice contrast to have the Celtic Knot door with the green framing. True. not many doors are yellow. Where I lived the first 5 years of my life – Indonesia -, it had a big stark lemon yellow door (not pretty!)


  3. Good fines, Jesh. You even included a shot of our hall–Webb. 🙂 We had a Celtic shop in Naperville for most of the time we were there. They sold all sorts of Celtic/Irish things and I got a lovely ring there. Sadly they went out of business before we moved.



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