24 x 36 Oil, Hidden Places, © St Germain
LAST VISION 0f this series

These 12 visions began at at night
and ended approx 3:15 am
Had the feeling I had run a marathon.

The next day I avoided even allowing
myself to think or pray, since I had much
to chew on and even know how to
process all these visions.

What I heard with this vision
“My people will soar like the eagles,
nest in the mountains
discover hidden streams, find nourishment
they will be a separate people
full of hope and light.”

The significance was that during  these visions, 
I lived in one of the suburbs of of Los Angeles
with heavy traffic during the day in my street,
leading up to South Coast Plaza
There was nothing that I could have foreseen
times of 2020 and 2021 with suppression of
daily freedoms, rising inflation, and increase
of suicide.
Now I can see the need for these hidden places
living in freedom of life and of choice.

Forgot which time of the year these bloomed
FOTD, Fri Floral Foto

Tiny and cute
Makro-Tex, Weekend Reflection, Sat Critters

A gateway does not need to look like an arch or fence –
a gateway to the inland (Sutro Baths – San Francisco)

Did not grow up with eating salmon, but once I tried it, I was hooked

Flat land with some Fall colors (were I lived before, in California)
One Word Sun, Der Natur Donnerstag

Clouds obliterating darkness
Sky Watch


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36 thoughts on “HIDDEN PLACES

    1. Thank you Janet. Referring to painting, this was probably the easiest one. Now in this time I have been wondering with a culture that is increasingly becoming more hateful to Christians, how to protect ourselves. I have read of being protected in unknown/hidden communities. When reading Ps. 91 it seems to support that idea. The view of the duckies was a stroke of “luck!”


    1. Hey, great to see you back on my blog. All Seasons was much work, but I loved the interaction with so many great bloggers. Hope things are going well for you?


    1. Thank you Riitta! This was actually an easy painting, maybe because I have much practice painting rocks since we went for 18 years to a National park with mountains and waterfalls.


    1. Believe it or not, but there are still nice places in San Francisco – this is one of them – suggestion of our son:) Our adult kids have some great ideas”_


  1. “My people will soar like the eagles,
    nest in the mountains … ”
    While reading this text I have to think of the American natives … or of indigenous people in general … Your painting is very expressive. I also see a head in the rock – it reminds me of the Moai heads on Easter Island.
    The ducklings are really adorable.
    I also didn’t understand before what was so special about the Mona Lisa. But it’s actually fascinating. If you look at the picture, it looks like Mona Lisa is looking back. No matter where you stand: the lady always ist lookin in you eyes. This has to do with da Vinci’s painting technique. He painted the background and the woman from two different angles. And why is she smiling so mysteriously? That will remain a bit of a mystery … Perhaps that is why mankind is so fascinated by it.
    All the best


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog Emille.
    The Oil Painting is wonderful. But my favourite picture ist the sky view from the last photo. Beautiful shot!


    1. Kirsi, this week I visited more of the people at Makro-Tex. I should do that more often. But Tue is kind of a crunched day where I try to fit it all in:):) I loved the colors of the sky too!


  3. A lovely, talented piece of work. I enjoy your paintings. Nothing like sweet ducklings 🙂 Thank you for linking up.


  4. Hello,
    Your Hidden Places painting is beautiful. The ducklings are adorable, cute capture. The landscapes and views are pretty images. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!


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