Always nice to see reflections in a door

Two doors on this boat in Groningen, the North of Holland,
close to where my brother lives. In the background house
you also see 2 doors next to each other.

Thought the wall leading up to this door in Fredericksburg, Texas
was more intriguing than the door itself.
Fredericksburg is a town where Germans
during the 1950ties settled.
You may realize that this was right after World War II.
It means not every German condoned what Hitler did.
Many Germans at that time had no idea what he did to the Jews.
Many streets and shops have German names. Many beer gardens:)

In my first year of marriage I lived in W-Berlin,
because hubby started working there two years beforehand.
Ratskeller is the (wine)cellar from the city hall.
These are mostly built where a cellar would be, underground
– as you can see where the fence is, above ground.
In this time, ratskellers are most often restaurants.

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15 thoughts on “DAN ANTIONS THURS. DOORS – Dec. 2

    1. Yeah, ironically red is not what one would normally see in Germany! I often have thought on living in a a house boat, but since there are many storms in Fall and Winter, it kept me from trying, and also high costs of maintenance, and of course no backyard:)

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    1. Good to see you back Brenda! When seeing your post, I wondered about last year, was that during covid? Am asking because I expected to see masks. How is that today in France? In Texas we fortunately have a governor who wants to go back to normal, as much as possible.

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  1. I’m sure there’s comfort in having a common language bond that causes groups to flock together. I’d be terrible at learning a new language at my age! lol Nice doors!


    1. Thank you! So true, a new language at later age is much harder, also because when someone is younger, they often have more possibilities for learning, school, job, clubs, etc.

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