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18 x 36 inch, Oil, © St Germain

This is a special painting to me, and reveals my love for the
ABSTRACT. I made this my business card, and
titled it “The Rain of His Presence.” At that time
I lived in California, and the first thing people
would ask is “Do you have a (business) card?”
On the business card itself I have my personal info printed.

This depiction gives away how I think about God.
He is not a magnificent Ruler and King, or only the
Master Creator, but one who is intimately
connected to me like a Father and Big Brother,
and a loving Comforter.
Before I was born, he put seeds into each person
– which are to be the purposes of one’s life.
My seeds were creativity, analytic ability, etc.

Do you know what your seeds are?

♦ ♦ ♦

Reflections of the beautiful Lake Hughes,
before entering Los Angeles.
Weekend Reflection

Leaving behind hours of driving through the stark beauty
and hills of the Central of California
Der Nature Donnerstag

Since the trip between Northern and Southern part of the state
to two of adult children during the holiday season
was never leisurely, because of heavy traffic, it was
tempting to stop by a restaurant and regain our “bearings.”
Nowhere like home, surrounded by what I like:)
Makro-Tex -home

FOTD, Wordless Wed.

But the sky does what it wills
One Word Sunday: Dizzy

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26 thoughts on “THE WEEK AFTER

  1. That is stunning and so uplifting. My kind of art. I think it sometimes takes a long time to just be who are. We are like puzzle pieces that fit into the whole but have a unique job to do and can’t be put or fit just anywhere.


    1. Thank you Colleen – and you are so right! In my doc training it was required to be in therapy for 2 years (so one knows what clients/patients go through), which helped me a lot with the puzzle pieces, which can be confusing when there are two cultures and world views play into it:):)


    1. Hello Elke, have to confess, California is still part of my world – and I still have hundreds of captures which helps to keep it alive in my mind:) Thank you – I like my business card too:):)


  2. Lovely images of the lake and flowers. Having found myself on I-5 this Saturday, I agree holidays on the road are no fun, but it did get me where I wanted to go (Joshua Tree) and safely pack. The pile looks yummy, too.


    1. I hear you! Now I live in Texas, be glad Yoshua Tree, Yosemite Nat. Park, Huntington Library Garden, San Diego and so many beautiful places are close!


  3. Nice post! The pie reminds me of The Fredericksburg Pie Company. My wife and I stopped there once on the way back to the DFW area from the hill country and San Antonio.


  4. The abstract here makes it feel like we’re looking through a textured glass. Very nice use of colors and patterns. 🙂

    The sky picture is so pretty, too!


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