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Oil, Three Thirsty Deer, © St Germain

Made this painting as a preparation for the usual summer
art show in Laguna, California. To make it genuinely
my experience, I chose
three deer that had actually been on our property.
It was a view of one of David’s songs “As a deer pants
for the water, so my soul longs for You …”

When I brought it, the organizer made a surprized
sound, for I usually do not paint animals.
She looked around, then
planted it on a low easel, plum in the middle of the room, 
saying “I just needed it there!”

This tree had a heavy loss with such a large branch missing.
This is why it took a while before we cleaning it up our last
winter in California.
Makro-Tex: memories

One Word Sun, Sun. Best, Wordless Wed.

Found this link Festive Bonbon via Prior House blog, and thought it would be fun to participate.

Tree: live, and since it’s on a small table, it reaches the ceiling
Christmas Carols: Immanuel, Hark, hear the Bells
Books: The Red Shoes
Movie: Forgot the title, but it’s about looking for a wife for the young Santa
Fruitcake: I can do without:)
Chocolate, nuts, fruit: Yes, in that order
Traditions: Painting from the Christmas story each year,
if not on Christmas day, then before January
On the table: it depends on adult child’s or friends Family
Memories: my family is 26 hrs. away or a plane trip across the ocean –
thankful for friends
Christmas Wish: that the expectancy of this time (without all the frills) would stay!

A detail of last year’s tree
Der Natur Donnerstag

When Hubs was in the hospital a few years ago,
I discovered that driving those hairpin corners
while descending and ascending in the mountains
for an hour between Pioneer and San Andreas
were not too scary after all.
Took this shot when I was NOT driving, lol.
Travel Tue, Der Natur Donnerstag

FOTD, Wordless, Fri Floral Foto

A sunset in my window:)
Weekend Reflection

Added this sky since my blog had difficulty with the previous linky.
Don’t apologize Sky Watch host, all is good:)

This is what I love about the mountains.
The sunsets are in winter just as fiery as in summer!

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50 thoughts on “A DECEMBER TO REMEMBER

  1. Thank you for joining us at Festive Bonbon. And thank you to Yvette from Priorhouse blog for inspiring you to do you. I am 100% with you on saying no to fruitcake. And your wish for the hope of this season to last all your long (without the chaos or commercialism) is my wish too.


    1. The movie is with people:) Every year (before covid) so many movies are made that are about Christmas that you can watch every night another one the whole month of Dec.
      America i is truly the entertainment giant -it’s good as well as bad:) Hope your Christmas will be blessed, even with the restrictions going on!


  2. Thank you for linking up and sharing your story. I’m with you in that the lead-up and expectation is a joy you like to last. Happy Christmas.


  3. Your deer painting is beautiful! As The Deer Pants For The Water is my favourite hymn on Sunday Mass. Such a perfect painting for the song!

    You are a very talented artist and photographer, Jesh.


    1. Hello Jennifer, I see your comment on my dashboard, but in the comments, my blog is acting out today:) When we lived in the forest, my view of squirrels changed – they can be pretty active, even aggressive in finding things to eat:)


      1. Sorry, am not able to visit. I got warning from Webroot (antivirus), it may be infected – it does not even have to be you,, but a link you made to another blog). Have a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2022!


  4. I love the deer painting. You are so talented.

    I love fruitcake, fortunately nobody else does. When I still worked the engineering and construction companies we dealt with always sent fruitcake to the office. Somebody would slice them up, set them out and then throw them out two or three days later when nobody (but me) ate any of it. So I just started appropriating them and taking them home. Isn’t that terrible?


  5. Your christmas tree is beautifully decorated, dear Jesh. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke (Nature Thursday)


  6. Christmas is a time when you feel the distance from home and family, even when you’re happy elsewhere. Thanks for sharing snippets of your world, and celebrating the beauty there. Merry Christmas to you and very best wishes for 2022..


  7. the little details about the deer painting made me smile – I could imagine it right there int he middle – and what a nice painting – for the Bible connection, and also in composition with the three bringing balance the way you presented them (and three in numerology has so much to it, eh?) and then having the center one looking right at us truly is a feel we get when you see them in the yard or wilderness.


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