• Oil, 18 x 36 inch, Poinsettia Christmas Tree, © St Germain
    That year someone gave us a large Poinsettia for Christmas.
    Because it was so large, it looked somewhat like a small tree.
    That idea reminded me on the song the Twelve Days of
    Christmas, and worked it out on canvas with
    some Christmas balls squished in between. Voila!

A detail of our tree last year

Had to get used to Texas where most houses have a
neighborhood association.
They are pretty lenient except for garbage bins
out of sight. They put up Xmas lights at the entrance.

A fantastic creation by Boo, our 5th grand.
Looking professional, Bro!
Weekly Smile, One Word Sun


We celebrate His birthday the 25th.
He is called the Lily of the Valley and Bright Morning Star
FOTD, Fri Floral Foto

The blurry reflections fit well here, on the border of
Sutro Bath in San Francisco
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflection

High up in the mountains of Yosemite Nat. Park
The grey mountain in the background is El Capitain
Sky Watch

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35 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY?

  1. What a delightful and Christmas-y post, Jesh! Thanks for brightening my morning. I really like the delicate colors in your painting. A most merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours. ❤



    1. Thank you Janet! It’s cool I have gotten you a little bit better this year. A merry Christmas to you and yours and that His peace will be with you throughout 2022!


  2. WOW – your painting is wonderful again! And the wooden reindeer on the tree looks so cute! 😀
    Oh, I have so heartwarming memories of Yosemite National Park! Among other things, we saw an adorable mule deer family here And a black cat that looked like our Nina… That was in 2012, sigh, so long ago, seems like yesterday. Do you want to see?
    I wish you and your loved ones cozy Christmas days (with seven grandchildren this is definitely a particularly good time!) And a pleasant change into a hopefully great New Year!
    All the best, Traude ✨🕯️❣️


    1. Hi Traude, I followed the link. You looked a little younger then! You drove up there, wow! Where I lived before (in the forest, we saw deer almost every day. Sometimes mamas with babies.Two of my grand children came this year, but we have to for the 3 youngest to come in summer (it’s a 26 hour drive or a plane trip) But we will have our son who lives/works in Holland here. Have a merry Christmas with your new grandbaby:)


      1. No plans here. I just want to rest and be with family. As the year draws to a close AOC’s helpers have been dwindling into the early holiday mode. I hope we can all come back in one piece for a phenomenal new year. You?


    1. Hello Ally, it depends on the requirements of the memes/challenges, how many images I end up with in a week, lol! Since I am not as much a writer as you are, but love to show images:)
      All the best to you in the New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you James. This year I was more desperate for Christmas and think of all the promises the Christ Child has brought us in this crazy and confusing year!


  3. Your Poinsettia painting is beautiful. We got snow yesterday and biting frost. A quiet Christmas again, meeting only a few members of the family & separately. Wish this pandemic goes over some day. Merry & blessful Christmas.


    1. Thank you Riitta. Am not sure if the mandates they are throwing at us will end soon, but I could be wrong. If we can at least see some of of our family for Christmas as well as New Year that would be great!


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