Oil, 12 x 16 inch, Come Back © StGermain

On Rosh Hashanah two years ago (the Jewish New Year
in September/October) I felt the urge to paint this little painting.
The painting is small, but it will be the biggest event
for believers in Yeshua, or Jesus, the son of God
who once came to this earth
to save us from our wrong doings,
so we could have eternal life in heaven.

John and several other writers refer
 to this event that in the end of times,
that He will come back in the clouds
to pick up his believers, or stronger, his family,
becausehe made us like him (in his image.).

Our bodies will be changed in the twinkling
of an eye, and we will go upwards to join him.
I knew it would be “soon” as in
an eternal perspective, but may be a
heads up, to be sure you don’t miss this!
You never know … it may be in this decade!

Not in the twinkling of an eye, like the event above,
but fun to see lights twinkling at night down the street:)

Before looking around the corner, guess what we
have been doing this week
– snacking a lot on Christmas cookies,
when my son – who lives in Holland,- visited us
(the day he went on the plane to this side
of the pond, Holland was on locked down again!)

A corner is often an exciting moment –
what would be around the corner in 2022?
On one of my many happy memories of hiking
at Happy Isles to paint
(leading up to Half Dome, which hubby
is climbing up to) in Yosemite Nat Park
Travel Tue, Makro-Tex

Ah, a bench to take a break
One Word Sun, Weekly Smile

Wordless Wednesday
FOTD. Floral Fri Foto, Garden Affair

The edit is not perfect, but it’s better than the object in front
Weekend Reflection

Always time for a little birdie
Sat. Critters

String of Cotton balls in the sky
Sky Watch

MONDAY – Our World* Weekly Smile* FOTD*
TUESDAY – Tue Scribbles * Travel Tue * Makro-Tex*
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed.* PhotoAWeek*
Garden Affair * Der Natur Donnerstag *
THURSDAY – Thankful Thurs.* Sky Watch* Floral Fri Foto*.
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss * Weekend Reflection*
SATURDAY – Sat. Critters *
SUNDAY – One Word Sun * Sun Best *


32 thoughts on “AROUND THE CORNER

    1. Hi Lydia – thank you – I cropped that image 3 times:):) It was a very unusual Christmas with a millennial in the house. Breakfast quiche made by dad and son, and dinner with good food, but I did not dress up the table:)


    1. Hello Teresa, am sure you were very busy, since the Finns in blog land have given me the idea the weeks before Christmas take much of their time! Usually my son comes in December or January to us every two years, But it was a long time ago that he was during Christmas at our house, so it was very special this year. All the best to you in 2022!


    1. Hi Carol, yes we had a lovely Christmas spending time together, since he could not come for the last three years, 2 because of the virus. Many mothers are closer to their daughters than their sons, but our son has a balance of looking like this dad, and being like his mother. Now he is an adult it is easier to see this:)


  1. Nice painting. And love the outdoor scenes as well, from Yosemite to the quiet bench to the bird.

    Happy WW and Happy New Year!


  2. Hello Emille. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I´m sorry I´ve been such a lazy on leaving you a counter comments. If I don´t instantly figure out something nice – or wise – to say it´s easier for me to click on to next blog than waste my time to trying figure out something to say. We Finns might be the happiest nation in the world but we suck at small talk. Sorry about that. All the best for you!


  3. Hello Einari many thanks for your comment! I just did not know if you were aware of the comment thing – I like your blog, and it will be read by more people if you give them a reply – that’s all:) Since I am a painter (artist), am wondering what the paint on your face signifies?


    1. Thank you, I´m glad you like my blog. 🙂 The face paint is just someting I did on Photoshop way back. I can´t recall exatly, maybe it was Halloween when I did it. I think it just looks cool. And maybe lil bit of flirting with The Grim Reaper also.


  4. A wonderful painting!
    And oh, I think I need to go to the city and enjoy the lights, too.
    Cookies, I baked, too, LOL. Just different ones, and yes, I speak German fluently.
    A funny question as my new job is correcting railway guides in English and I was asked if I speak French fluently, (nooooon…!).

    I hope to learn more about the new place where you live now!

    My Hubby sometimes nearly cries as I mix up Holland, Netherlands, and Denmark.

    The bench is very beautiful and the reflection just perfect.

    I only wonder why I always get “Popos” now, that bird sure shows off his little butt! (OK a cute one).

    Nice to see you again!


  5. Hi Jesh,
    love your photos. The way through Yosemite NP reminds me of our stay there. I have just spoken about it again with my husband.
    Have a good new year. All the best for you.


    1. Thank you for hosting this year, Elke. I know from experience how much time it takes. On the other hand, i also miss it regularly! Have a smashing beginning of the New Year:)


  6. Such a lovely post! Your first photo is so strong; I hope, we all would be ready, when Jesus Christ comes back.
    I wish uoy al blessed new year!


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