THURS. DOORS- January 2022

One of the shops in Old Sacramento

Even though rugged I wanted to display this whole wall
of one of the stores in Folsum CA

One of the residents doors of Apple Hill Farm, CA

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4 thoughts on “THURS. DOORS- January 2022

  1. These are great doors, Emille. I’m glad you included the whole wall – I love buildings that are built into hillsides. They remind me of where I grew up. I love that portico. The upper door looks like the shops are in people’s homes. I always like that. It removed the corporate feel you get in most stores these days.


  2. Yes, I have the same feeling about stores, Dan. Feeling at home in a store, is most important to me, otherwise you have the feeling to just turn around and leave. The hills I didn’t grow up with them, but I am still homesick for the hills, where I used to live.


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