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Oil. 36 x 36 inch Spheres of Influence. © St Germain
“How shall we then live?” was the big question of Francis Schaeffer,
a philosopher who lived in Switzerland,
more known in the 1960 to 1980. It had been
since Bonhoeffer since there was a philosopher
who had much influence on the people of his days.
His question was the inspiration for this painting.

Actually, this should show before the painting was finished,
but usually since the first image shows on the net,
I chose to make this the second image.
When I was younger, philosophy was important to me.
Here, I show how I make sense of the process
of how we then should live -the (God’s) hand connected
to everything that happens on earth, and the multiple
and intersecting arches were the actual beginning.
The angels were added, and then moving from the unseen
realm to the visible world, thirdly – the pillars of society.
Here, all these ideas have already been added,
but in plenty of cases, the ideas may come
one after another, while I am working on it.

The general idea to get across is how a culture works
and how the spheres of influence interact. They’re also called
by some the mountains of society, but I prefer spheres
of influence. since they are formed and changed by
the interaction, while mountains are part of creation.

How PhotoAWeek perfectly fits in this post with posterity!
Our family is not as big as Nadia’s, but bigger than many
Dutch families, for we have 7 grand kids. Carene, 16 years old,
(the 4th) and almost as tall as her mom
who is 5’10” (1.78 meters).
It seems there are more opportunities for funny situations
to share. Even though this is not a conscious reason,
but a very telling thing is that in first grade I invited
ALL 28 kids from my class to my birthday party
(to the chock of my dear mother).

Have already enough of winter. Sure hope for a looong Spring season!

A few rays of sun in a dark somber sky ….
One Word Sun: weather., Sky Watch

Wordless Wed, Garden Affair

MakroTex – January, Weekend Reflection

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40 thoughts on “HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?

  1. I like the painting. Thanks for the explanation. I always like it when I do understand what the artist meant. The photos are beautiful, too. I hope you have a good week.


    1. Thank you so much Dan! You’re catching me on the upswing – we both had the flue, but the worst is over now. By the way, the last time I was on your blog was 2021, so … wishing you a happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful painting of how we should live together. Love the birthday story. For our second child, we invited his whole class for his birthday in January. Very cold, and very snowy, and me not to experienced with birthday parties, I ran out of ideas early. My dear hubby then thought to take them outside and pull them around in the snowy yard until their parents came to get them It was very cold, but they didn’t mind at all, and I was a happy mama. So I’m feeling for how your mama must have felt, especially since it was a surprise of all the children.


  3. I love the smiles of your people and the fact that you invited all your classmates to your birthday.

    Years ago at a reunion I was told something I had forgotten: For one of my birthdays I invited many classmates to my party but not the mean boys. They were standing below my windows during the party, figuring out how to get in no doubt, and then I showed them my birthday cake through the window! Hahhah!! I don’t remember this but it sounds like me.


    1. Oh, how funny Manja! Yeah, you would be one to be forthright enough not to invite the mean boys. Haha, I love this story! especially that you showed them what cake they were missing! I hope they got the drift that it pays to be nice:)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting to see the painting in its finished and early states; as an artist, I am fascinated by the how along with the what.

    I quite like the garden photos, too.
    Happy WW!


    1. Amanda,
      Discovered that since I have been logging the process of my paintings on my blog, that many are much more interested, when they know what the painting is about! Not to mention that I love talking about that part! Hope your week is going well for you!


    1. Thank you Keith, getting in all the separate pieces of the culture took a lot of time, but it was certainly worth it! Am happy by living here I can influence the art scene on this side of the pond and show female painters do not necessarily have to paint flowers or children


    1. Come to Texas, the grass is still green here! That’s how much rain we have head here (most rain is very gentle here, and does not come in a storm).


  5. It is wonderful to have many grandchildren, we have 9! At the moment we have sunny & mild weather, it feels like spring. But yet there are frosts coming, the polar winter is by no means over. Warm greetings, riitta


  6. I love the concept of spheres of influence. Round things are very appealing to me. Life and history is a circle for instance as opposed to a straight line.


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