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Already last year in Fall I noticed my approach/style
in painting had changed. Not surprising. Had moved
to another state, people are different in Texas than in California,
the culture is not as rushed. What threw me more
for a loop was that also the content of my paintings seemed
to have changed.

Had to think and struggle with that for a while,
before I was ready to make this visible to you.
Even though I always have been a big proponent of truth,
you may see the subject is now
not displayed in a “neutral” way.
If you don’t know what “mene mene tekel” means and
to whom it was said, you may have missed this change.

Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Mene mene Tekel © St Germain

The king had become very distraught
when a hand began to write this on the wall
(no it was not with a feathered pen)
and his advisors had no clue. Someone knew Daniel
who had served the king’s grandfather, brought him in.
Mene mene tekel means, “You have been weighed,
and you have been found lacking (wonting).
This night the kingdom will be taken away from you,”
Daniel the prophet said
to the king who thought he could use the dishes
from the temple (which are by the Jews
considered as very holy), for his guests at his party.

Maybe king Belshazzar had no idea which
consequences there were to this act?

Not a chance. Daniel started out by saying, “You know that
God had your grandfather King Nebuchadnezzar roaming around
as a beast (a lion) with hair on its back,
living outside, eating grass with claws
for seven years, before his mind came back to him.”
Then, Daniel proceeded to tell what the meaning was
of what had suddenly appeared on the wall.
That very night an enemy kingdom took over,
and Belshazzar died.

Blooming baskets – cheerfully bringing things
in perspective. Whatever this year will bring,
I choose to be determined to bloom!
And I won’t allow it to intimidate me
when I see bare branches like below.
FOTD, the Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

This fall and winter the grass has remained green
in Texas since we had much green. Of course, just the same
we have bare branches in January:)

Courage will give me the necessary umph
when I see a hundred steps in front of me
to climb:)

In the Fall we watched on our Ipad the ballet performance/
fundraising event they put on where Peach was part of,
our littlest grand.
One Word Sunday: action

Wordless Wed.,
Weekend Reflection

and when the tide rolls in, and my feet get wet,
I can say, “Maybe wet, but I’m not overtaken!”

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40 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR -A NEW COURAGE

    1. Dear Janet, thank you! The painting maybe too serious and somber for the beginning of a year, but am hopeful this means that it’s only going better, once this year unfolds itself more.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I didn’t know the phrase “mene mene tekel” so I looked it up: the writing is on the wall. Interesting Biblical reference so thanks for making me aware of it. Your photos are lovely. Bloom on.


    1. Ally, I hope you are aware that when I painted this chocking event, it was in the Fall of last year. And am jazzed that this year has already brought encouragement and new things to us! Love the phrase Bloom on:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is the San Francisco coast. Thinking about it often misty, we were lucky to have sun that day! I really would like to have seen in reality, since it was one of my grands! Have a great week, Lydia1


  2. I didn’t know the phrase so I looked it up. Change is really the definition of life – things always change. I always love your photos and art. Sometimes things are dark but the light comes.


  3. I love all the images, especially the outdoors and the ocean. Is that Lands End here in San Francisco (the steps look quite familiar)?


    1. You have wide variety of interests, Shiju! But knowing your blog, I expected it.
      You are very perceptive! Almost spilling the wine reveals the wicked intent of this king, who used the holy things of the people that he conquered (which is a right out brazen narcissistic act), but he didn’t care because of his party of elites – similar things are going on right now in the country I live in.


    1. Thank you Keith – about the expression of the faces, this is an anomaly. As I recall this is is the only painting out of 85 or so, where I have done so. For some, evilness is not intentional. but for the king, it was. The starkness, forcefulness of the painting I wanted to keep separate by mixing them with warm, friendly things. I rather not point out the first, but I cannot keep silent about wrong things going on.


  4. I love the beautiful images and metaphors. Biblical stories are for our faith building. Thanks for sharing, and have an awesome day, Emilie.


  5. Often God seems so harsh, but I am sure he is a just God. I don’t know how God doesn’t get fed up with all our junk. My 14 year old is giving me grief right now and boy do I love him, but I have had enough. I finally pinned your blog to the top of my page, so now I know where to find you.


    1. I hear ya, Kelleyn! Love and righteousness are at times hard to marry, but God’s holiness cannot tolerate any intent of sin/evil. Between 14 and 17 – bear it, they will come out of it eventually, and it’s not worth ruining your relationship with him, because that can take a life time to straighten things out.
      Thanks for trying to hard to keep in contact with me – appreciated!!


  6. I could use some flowering baskets right now…..in person! Thank you for linking up and have a great week ahead.


  7. The new layout of your blog is very beautiful, I love the sunny yellow! I don’t know what to expect from this year, because the omicron situation is very severe in Finland at the moment. I wish I stay well. But days get longer and brighter – today we have a gorgeous sunshine.


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