Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Double for Your Trouble, © St Germain

Painted this at the Mission in North California
in front of an audience.
 This story of Luke, the physician, tells about TWO boats,
not one (like I always thought)! Jesus asked Peter
if he could use his boat to talk to the multitudes on the beach.

After that, Jesus said to Peter to go and fish. Peter protested,
But we just fished all night, and caught nothing,
“But if you INSIST, ….”
(can you hear what he was thinking? Excuse me, you’re not
a fisherman, you’re a carpenter. You don’t know anything
about fishing!) but still, he did it.

What ended up happening, was that Peter waved
for his buddies in the other boat, to come help them,
and both boats filled up with so much fish,
that these were about to sink.

What was so amazing to me is that when
we decide to eat humble pie, we discover
why God said something. It is for MORE than we expected.

Knew that this painting would be a big job,
because I intended to paint a multitude of fish,
slithering and moving next to each other, in the nets.
This is where I began to paint. Next, I painted the fishermen
involved. Each with another sweater, facial expression
and positioning of hands. That was fun.  But most fun
was to let my imagination go with the sails of two boats
and apply my technique of light rays.

Much interest was shown for this painting. Someone came up
and told that he had had a dream, not too long ago.
When he looked at the platform and saw
what I was painting, he realized it was his dream!

Wrote this poem Aug. 2019 and happened to see it in my journal  and added it
to give you some ideas why colors are significant.

Colors Matter

All the colors come flying out of My hand
for you to war with
they speak the decrees I have sent over the land
the war has already been won
and My angels dance and sing songs of deliverance

For I am setting my people free
to become my army, to become My witness
together we will put the enemy to flight
They will be scattered, confusion will ensue
and will kill each other off.

Be on the right side, behind Me
I will do away with the ones
who think they can handle Me.
You will be protected
come what may.

© St. Germain, Aug. 2019

Last weeks I have been spending much time to update
the journals of my paintings on my
REAL SLATE table top (so heavy,
only hubby can take it off). This is when I found
the above painting back without a written process. People
who are interested should be able to look up
how it developed and my views about it.
One Word Sun – real

Love how the background turned out so painterly.
FOTD, Fri Floral Foto

Lovely Colors
Weekly Smile, Makro-Tex, Wordless

Rain, rain, rain. The upside is green grass:)
Der Natur Donnerstag

Not what it seems
The people in this booth …. well not this booth,
but the row of booths behind this one:)

Between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Never actually winter, but the skies are more clear, and the fog lasts almost till noon.
The mountains have really this chocolate brown color!
Sun. Best, Weekend Reflection

Deleted most of the phone lines, but left the pole, which is characteristic for this landscape in Amador County in California.
Sky Watch

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30 thoughts on “COLORS MATTER

  1. Ganz lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar bei mir, ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut und mich in meine Leseliste aufgenommen.
    Es sieht sehr ansprechend aus bei dir und ich bin gespannt, was du alles zu berichten hast.
    Ich hoffe, dass du ein wenig deutsch verstehst. Mein Englisch ist nicht so top, deshalb muß ich mir Zeit nehmen und mit dem Übersetzer arbeiten, um deinen Blog zu lesen.
    Hab ein schönes Wochenende und ich sende dir liebe Grüße eva


    1. Dear Eva, a long time ago I lived in W-Berlin for a year, since hubby worked there, so I can follow it on an easy level. You have a nice weekend too, and thank you for visiting!


    1. This painting is most often favored by men. I tell you my secret (only this one, haha). It is inspired by the dots Vincent van Gogh used to create traveling of light. This is similar, only on a magnified level. It gives a unity to large areas of the same color.


  2. What a wonderful talent you have and what a great idea to write down the process of how the painting came to be! Hope you are having a lovely week.


  3. Love the journal. And of course the California scenes from Santa Barbara and Amadour County. Makes me want to get out on the road again (soon).

    Happy Worldless Wednesday and thanks as always for stopping by 😺


  4. I love your painting and love the story upon which it is based. Much of modern life in the story, how many times do we hear “Oh just try it, it will work” and “We already tried that and you are wasting your time.”
    Your poem is a little ominous.
    I love that you have journals for your art so that your voice is heard when people discuss your paintings. For artists that are gone there is sometimes a lot of discussion about intent and method.


  5. I found your blog through Floral Friday flower post. But,I mostly like your painting. It is beautiful…
    Happy Friday!
    Amila –


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Went to your blog, but didn’t see where I could put the comments, so I wrote an email ….Have a great weekend!


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