Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Run With Horses © St Germain
(my own painting)

This rock (or even bunker) is a place of destiny,
purpose and provision.
Holds the keys to one’s life, purpose for which
one was born,
as well as a hide out, or safe place.
This sky, rife with revelation
where windows of opportunities appear.
This is a place where wild horses run to.

Not yet domesticated to man’s rules and commands.
Always found horses to have something regal. They have
a personality, as an owner quickly discovers.
Horses are known for their speed.

While panting this, the latter came to mind, and is Jeremiah’s talk
– a prophet (Jeremiah chap 12) with God
in which he asks why the ways of the wicked had prospered.
Why … why….?
God answers him, “If you have run with footmen and they
have tired you out,
then how can you compete with horses?

Then goes on to say that the whole land has been made desolate,
because “no man lays it to heart” (no one cares about it),
and  finishes with, “after I have  uprooted them, I will again
have compassion on them and bring each one to his inheritance…”

Something happened while I was painting this in Laguna Niquel
for an audience, that gave this painting even more meaning.
There are always new people, so I did not pay much attention
when I saw a man in the audience I had not seen before,
who had traveled more than 5 hours to be there.

In the next weeks I gathered the back story
why he was so taken with this
painting. He had expressed that “everything in
this painting spoke to him.” He had had
a tough year behind him (something to do
with recovering from addictions). Needless to say
he had a special connection with horses.
A few weeks later his wife contacted us,
to buy a print of this painting for his birthday.

It is humbling to have heard this painting helped
 someone come out the mud of his situation and set
him in the freedom and love of God he was looking for.

A reality check: it took me three weeks of sketching,
before I could paint these horses. But it was worth it!

Weekly SmilLe


We passed this building – I liked the tower.
The wall does not look lie it fits. Because of
the high bushes have no idea what kind of building is.
One Word Sunday: odd, Makro-Tex- February

Granted, I am half a year too early, but I felt like blue flowers this week –
the state flower of Texas, bluebonnets. But the park we saw these little blue beauties was 5 minutes from our previous house in Mid-California.
FOTD. Garden Affair, Travel Tue., Floral Fri Foto

Sipping on my cup of coffee at Peet’s Coffee patio,
I jolted into the reality of the moment that
I did not need looking for a reflection, I saw one right
in front of me – yay!
Weekend Reflection.

And friendly skies from the Californian forest where I lived before.
Sky Watch

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  1. I enjoyed your painting and interpretation. Your experience with the gentleman who traveled so far was heartwarming. Sharing your anticipation for a friendly winter. I am anticipating this after my bout with cancer and COVID (mild, thanks to 2+booster). Looking foward to spring migration but enjoy watching the feeder in the snow here in our new Connecticut home with family..


  2. I live the horses painting / it reminds me of a popular California painter but I cannot think of his name right now-
    But the action and swirls of dirt were nice along with the muscular strength of the horses you were able to depict


    1. Hello Lydia. Knowing (via the media of course) I admire your resilient spirit and finding other things to talk about – and everyone who lives in Australia right now.


  3. Hello here is Tine from the Netherlands-area in De Alblasserwaard. First of all thank you for your visit and nice comment on 1 of my websites where I also left a comment for you. And then the painting you had made is very beautiful and certainly the story around it. I also like it this way to get to know you and your website. I have added your url link to my reading list. Did you live in the Netherlands for a long time or did you emigrate soon. I am sure it is much nicer and also warmer there. I also really liked your other photo series. And I like the bluebonnet also because it gives me springfeelings, I has share a yellow flower that you probely also knows perhaps on my nature website-https://catherinetine.blogspot.com and this time send i you greetings from https://tinedejong.blogspot.com


    1. Hello Tine, thank you so much for your kind comment. Actually was born in Indonesia. Came to the Netherlands when I was five, and went to the USA when I was 36 with hubby and 3 kids, to do my graduate work in psychology. Planned to go back several times, but nothing worked out – the last one because of the lockdown of covid. Do er are still Dutch citizens:) Meanwhile 2 of the 3 kids have married and have children. Happy you like my blog. Oops I forgot you can’t read my comment. Will get back to you over the weekend, after my computer is fixed.


  4. The building is really interesting given the contrast between the stone wall and the colorful tower. From the symbols, I think maybe it is (or was) a Masonic Temple?


  5. Horses are such beautiful animals, albeit they scare me a bit. Took daughter riding a couple of times, and was fun. However, we knew little about horses or riding. Really way too tall for me to climb up on, but I managed. Lovely painting.


    1. Your comment make me smile. Horses are beautiful! The first one I rode one I was so seasick (because of their movement when they walk) that I decided it was not worth pursuing it:) Happy you like my post. You have a big layer of snow, so stay warm!


    1. Thank you so much Shiju. Am happy you like the horses. The stories connected to these paintings are worth continuing, I don’t care about being well known or famous anyway (maybe typically a Dutch trait?)


    1. Hi Teresa, like I said to someone else, The stories connected to these paintings is where I live for. I don’t care about being wellknown or famous:) But thank you for the compliment – kind of you:):)


  6. Your magnificent painting reminded me of the memory of friends in Mongolia and the Mongolian wild horses.
    Thank you!
    Pearl hyacinths (as I call those blue flowers) are a sign of spring


    1. Hello Kirsti, because you have friends who traveled to unusual places, do you like to travel too? Every stat of the USA are represented by a flower. This is the flower of Texas, where I live now:)


  7. I love your very strong, emotional, and mysterious painting and some backstory about it affected someone. You are gifted!!


  8. Blue flowers are fine with me. Looking forward to the scilla carpets. Your painting is very harmonious & I love the colours. Great that it helped the man. The tiled facade is also to my taste. Wishing Happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. Yes, Peter, you have seen it well! When we lived close to Whittier, that was the beach closest to us, so that’s where we always went to with the kids, until we moved to Costa Mesa, and we then went to Laguna Beach and Balboa Island, mainly to photograph things.


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