Correct me if I am wrong, but most may have no idea
what it means to be a painter. Art is often associated with
a fun Saturday outing with a group of people
trying out new techniques, or go to a pretty place
to do a plein air (open air scene).

It is true, the plein airs are at a pretty
place, and in the beginning, I was in a group of
beginners, but when they changed the free lessons
to paid lessons in Yosemite Nat. Park, I have painted alone.

Most of my 24 x 24 inch and bigger, have been painted
in front of an audience or alone. The two 9×7 feet,
and one 10 x 17 feet have been painted
with no one in sight, except for my hubby.
It’s not a complaint, just a fact.

For me, in many instances the preparation involved
the development of an idea, a vision, a news event
or situation. In many cases prayer was involved, if it
pertained to a certain truth I needed to display.
Actually, for me this is the most emotional,
sometimes agonizing part that I
beforehand had no knowledge of
at all. Now, if I would be a landscape painter,
this would only be limited to questions of design.

Maybe you begin to understand that the last part
brings one in a certain lifestyle and schedule.

When the kids were still at home, I began
to do the “thinking” part during
the night. Still, if I really want to focus and
try out a new thing, I still may choose the night.
Painting becomes a thing you go
to bed with and wake up with.

Then the expense. Since I have retired
I have had to curb my expenses of
canvases, brushes, paints, gadgets.
All these things have made me wonder why
I kept the most important part of my life
out of my blog, and decided to make a painting
or something art related as my first in my posts😎

These violets have been blooming all winter …
wonder when they take a rest!
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

These windows reveal mysterious reflections
Weekend Relfection

About to fall over?
Makro-Tex, Wordless Wed., DND

It is such an anomaly for anyone in the Netherlands to own
a chainsaw that our son who lives there, asked his dad to
send a photo:) This was when we lived in
the Californian mountains. The next thing would
have been a gun – kidding!!!
Even though all of neighbors have one, lol (they are veterans)
But we always get this question from our Dutch friends:)

A big cloud in the sky
Sky Watch

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31 thoughts on “SPRING , WAKE UP!

  1. Being painter must equal to being writer – the ideas never leave the brain. My aunt was ’hobby’ painter (teacher) who used all her spare time painting or carving wood or metal. Lovely set of photos.


    1. If your aunt spent all her time and money on her art, I would say she is an artist:):) If I had to make my living off my paintings, I would be in depp trouble, lol!


  2. Dear Emille, I find it quite natural that every artist integrates his art in the media in which he feels at home. I love your photos.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke


    1. Hello Elke, in Europe there is in general more understanding about art than here, especially when the subjects are inspried by faith rather than by what the painter wants to paint:)


  3. I’m glad you’re putting your art first and I bet so is Heavenly Father!

    The reflections of the city image looks rather painterly and reminded me a little of Kincaid with the stone building and pink flowers.

    With all the chainsawing going on I would have thought a log splitter would have been the next purchase! 😂
    Our son-in-law was already a hunter so he had his rifle, but when they moved up to the mountains the first thing they bought was a log splitter.


    1. This was a whole new things for Dutchmen, who do not split wood for heat:):) since hubby is a carpenter, my guess would be that a chainsaw was the answer to split wood, haha.I like your first sentence. the life I live now Is wilder than my wildest imaginations! Now I think about it, what would you like your future to look like? (I think you might have some talents that are still unused …)


  4. Some very nice photos and paintings. I am particularly fascinated by that one with the tree and the hills.

    Happy WW!


  5. I have no idea what it is like to be an artist. Nevertheless, I admire people who have the skill to paint. It is a privilege to see your paintings.


    1. It makes me happy when people enjoy my paintings. It means they connect to me in what I see as interesting, beautiful, etc. Thank you for pointing this out!


    1. Amalia, you understand this so well, and you go a step further, to make a poem about it – you are very gifted! Hope you try out painting sometime:)


  6. I am not an artist but my mother was and my sister is and I know that art is a process, not an event, and involves a lot of hard work and sometimes dead ends and redos and workovers. I respect that.


    1. Ugh – you covered it all! But what most people only see is the works with the good outcome:):) That’s probably why they are envied, because they don’t see all the “misfits.”


  7. By being a painter you can bring out your inner creativity. I know it can be an amazing experience. This is a wonderful piece of artwork. All the other pictures are beautiful too..
    Amila – leisureandme.com


  8. Interesting about the Netherlands and chainsaws! I enjoyed your comments on being a painter. It very definitely seems like it would be a tremendous amount of work. Beautiful skywatch photo!


    1. I like things that take a process (probably because one does a great deal of what with clients in counseling). So yes, it is a lot of work, but there is relief and happiness when the outcome is what I wanted it to be:)


  9. Greetings and Salutations! Agreed with Peter B. interesting about the Netherlands and chainsaws. I read your comments about being a painter. Being a writer I can relate. I wake up at night with a sentence, a thought and anything I write it down. I call it Bits and Pieces. Sometimes it develops into a short story, a poem or words just stay there on that piece of paper to peculate. I used to go to writer groups. Stopped. Advice became heavy not creative at all. I too write alone. or is it? Because I pray too.


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