A drive-by when we lived on the country side, but too far if this is really a door, or an opening.

Again we are driving by, but the train is “driving” too … doors are for sure on the left to be seen

Driving by … in Jackson (East from Sacramento)

Back to Thurs. Doors


  1. I always enjoy seeing train doors, Emilee. I also like that bottom door. I like the door and the wood shingles and the detail frieze in the brickwork. Good to have you back with us. I hope that means your computer problems have been solved.


    1. It’s good that we had a Geek Squad prescription, so we didn’t pay a cent for all the back and forth appointments 🙂 Am beginning to understand more and more that details around the door “make” the door:) Thanks for hosting – in between the things going on in your own life!

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  2. We lived a few houses down from a freight train track when I was young, and all the neighborhood kids spent many hours waiting for the caboose so we could wave to the trainman. There was no graffiti on trains then! And we had long summer days outside with all the time in the world. (K)


    1. Wow, so similar to my childhood years – the sound and sight of the trains regularly, day and night … Graffiti had not been invented yet, so everything stayed nice and “clean:)”

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