Oil, 24 x 30 inch, A Small Part in a Big Machinery, © St Germain

During my workshop weekend in Amsterdam some years ago,
I also got to paint in the Sunday service of
“Turning Point”(in Dutch: Het Keerpunt).
When I was prepping for this, it was my sense was that
many in this congregation felt such a small wheel in the big engine
of Amsterdam, that they did not matter, and had no influence at all,
maybe be also overlooked.
After the event 7 people came to me to tell me that they
once painted, and they all had given up on it – sadly, but
it happens a lot.

This is probably my only yellow painting I have ever done
(Not my color, lol), but significant. Also, one of the very few abstracts.
For the analysists. it looks like letters in the blue part ,
but is not intended as such
This may fit the feeling who are watching how the situation
in the Ukraine enfolds, may feel, and wonder
how they can make a difference….


So thankful that we do not have an ice storm like last year!
The only good thing – it was an opportunity for unusual captures:)
Weekly Smile, Thankful Thursday

A Wildflower in the park close to our house in California
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

A reflection at the coast of Sutro Baths, San Francisco
Weekend Reflection

The symmetry makes this door a double beauty
One Word Sunday

The dunes by Sutro Bath in San Francisco
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sky Watch

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  1. Interesting you don’t use much yellow in your painting – it’s often a colour featured in art (or is it just because we’ve been van Gogh mad here of late?) #MakroTex


  2. Love the Sutro Baths photos, it’s a favorite place of mine in the city that I don’t visit often enough.
    Also love the abstraction and timely colors in this week’s painting.


    1. Since we lived at that time E. of Sacramento, it was an outing and a great place to photograph -. Mainly young people were there – so our son felt at home 🙂


  3. so greatful to be living here, and being able to freely scroll through blogs where people can freely share. Stay safe, enjoy your weekend, and thankyou for visiting my blog this week.


    1. Yeah, right now everything is better than Canada or the Ukraine. Am thinking about them often and pray that their freedom will come back! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures at the art market:)


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