Was so enthralled by this tower, I forgot to show the doors
from a better angle, but at least you can see the openings leading to the door:)

In the same complex, another opening leading to a door.
Love this kind of yellow stone

Sunday afternoon – everywhere else there were quiet streets
and traffic subdued, but here in Georgetown
everyone came out, visiting the shops around the church
and it looked like a Saturday.

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    1. Hi Kathy. Last time I was on your blog I wondered about “Inez Clippings” – is that a post you regularly do, or is it a challenge you link on? I thought it was a wonderful way to remember things important to you!

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      1. Inez is my grandmother and I was given a journal and a box of clippings that belonged to her. Just a regular feature I’ve tried to do but I’m not always able to post it weekly. Sometimes it’s biweekly. She was my “maker” influencer in life so it’s my connection that reminds me of her. Thanks for asking 😊


  1. I used to live in Georgetown! There is some great old architecture in those little towns. I loved going to the little downtowns Taylor and Schulenberg. But Georgetown was special. I worked at Texan Eye Center for a few years. Always great little restaurants there.


  2. You did? Am living about 40 min. away in one of the mass produced neighborhoods of Austin, so Georgetown is a welcome change. You gave me some great ideas. Am going to check it out:)


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