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In process of painting this, is what
has seemed to have been happening since Fall last year.
The dominoes have been falling
So, WHO these dominoes are, I am not certain
because lately so much disinformation seems to be going on
that it is hard to figure out who are really the good,
and really the bad guys. One thing seems apparent,
there is both evil and good in opposite parties
(the blue and the red in the circle), although this is not
meant as a political view, but more of a humanitarian one.

Oil, 34 x 30 inch, The Dominoes are Falling, © St Germain

My sense is we will have to wait and watch
to see what the end will reveal.
This painting was not easy. From early on,
I decided to make a clear distinction
between what was above ground and below ground.
The city above. The blue and the red party,
the underground tunnels, and the children who are trafficked.

The positions of the dominoes, and to make it appear
like they were in a free fall, took a few tries! Since so many
things in this painting are diagonal,
I am sharing this for One Word Sunday: diagonal

An unintended selfie reflection above the bench
Weekend Reflection

Wordless – for anyone who needs another bag:)
Weekly Smile, Wordless Wed

A little bit longer and I will see these blossoms through my window
Garden Affair, FOTD. Makro-Tex, Floral Fri Foto

The smoky colored skies on our drive to San Andreas were very satisfying
for my grey cravings.
Sky Watch

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17 thoughts on “INTENT MATTERS

  1. Your painting certainly does tell the story of the times now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what it means to you. Keep praying and hold strong to your faith. It will get you through and show you where the truth lies. 😀🥰


    1. Saying the same to you – this will make us stronger!! Didn’t start this painting because of fear, like where will we end up, but out of an indignancy of Crazy – do they think they will get away with this??

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much – the first one was the same painting as the second, but in process (meaning, not finished yet). Happy that Spring started right in time this year!


  2. Yes, it seems to be like a dominoes where they line up and then all fall over. God is in charge so I’m praying he doesn’t let this escalate much longer for the poor folks of Ukraine. Blessings to them all.


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