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Might have posted this painting before, but when Makro-Tex
asked for “something blue”” I immediately thought
of this painting. I used the palette knife for this, and not a brush.
This painting was inspired by the song of Simon and Garfunkel
“Like a Bridge over Troubled Water.”
Makro Tex

Bulbs from your forest yard in California, were
the only flowers the deer wouldn’t eat:)
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Among the ones of us who like to just wander around
when they shop, don’t you love it when you FOUND
something you were not looking for?
One Word Sunday

These punches of blue awnings and the parasols
add so much charm to this otherwise
stark lines of this restaurant in old Sacramento
Weekly Smile, Weekend Reflection

Don’t these look like bird legs and feet?
Sky Watch

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32 thoughts on “BLUE NUANCES

  1. Troublefull water, and the bridge seems to be in troble too. But so is life.. With beautiful surroundings and colors it is not so bad after all.


    1. I agree Irene, it seems life seems lately more troublesome – maybe I am looking too much at the news, lol. Thanks for coming by. Have a happy Easter!


  2. Lovely painting. Reminds me of Monet’s water lilies.

    I have always liked “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”


  3. Fun photos to look at today. Great captures. Love looking for shapes in the clouds. And as always, your artwork is so pretty to look at.


    1. What I like about the country side is that there is always much more sky to see than in the city! Thank you Peabea, hope you’re doing well!


    1. Thank you Einari for coming by and for the comment. Tell me what is an imho? (Am always full of questions:)) Have a joyful Easter this weekend.


  4. Wow ! what a stunning piece of art, I am blown by the fact that you have used knife for painting. Stunning Daffodil, Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


    1. Many thanks Arun! For me a knife is a quick way of working, because the knife strokes produce immediate structure and shadows – happy you like it!


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