Teal – an unusual color for storage doors:) A flyby taken from the freeway

Doesn’t this almost look like a tiny house? On our way to Old Sacamento

Felt sorry for the home owner. Every time when a storm hit, a tall tree (60+ feet) fell on their roof and was smashed – at least 3 times a new roof had to be put on in the 6 years we lived there.

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8 thoughts on “DAN ANTION’S THURS. DOORS – April (3)

  1. Great to see you here, Ken! On the country side many things can be done when you know the right people, lol. But here, it’s a toss up. There were I don’t know how many 60-footers on his property. We had at least 60:)


  2. I like the house that looks like a tiny house. I feel so bad for the house that keeps getting hit by trees. We had five 90′ pine trees on our very small lot when we bought this house. We had them taken down about 15 years ago to prevent them from falling on our house or our neighbor’s.


    1. Wow, that’s high! Good thinking to do that, but it also must have been a loss – trees have a presence you miss when they’re not there anymore. Yea, that tiny house has something special:)

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      1. We’ve planted other trees, but I do miss them sometimes. They were too dangerous. When we would get heavy wet snow, large branches would break. One time, an 8” diameter branch fell on our fence and crushed a large section.


      2. Those big over 60 feet can do much damage. In a normal town or city neighborhood it could become a nuisance when you can’t grow anything in your yard anymore because of the roots. It makes sense your family got rid of them, sigh:)


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