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Oil, 18 x 24 inch, The Story of the Finch, © St Germain
(the original is a bit darker)

You know by now, that there is no painting
for this painter without a purpose or a story.
Was writing an Easter story once
that led to this story of the finch, who
was asking if her neighbor had her eggs ready for Easter.
Then the bird in the next tree, mentioned it
would soon be the birthday from a 7-year-old boy,
who would love a computer for his birthday.
He for sure knew his parents could not afford this.
After many birds told this news from tree to tree,
it happened to reach his parents’ friends.
When the friends took out the family
for dinner, they had a little flat package for
the birthday boy.
One Word Sun. – Eggs

In the Netherlands Easter is in general for the Christians
(at least it used to be) a bigger deal than in the USA.
Like for Christmas, 2 work days off.
That’s probably why the windmill came to mind.
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed., Der Natur Donnerstag
Somehow this reminds me on the grave of Good Friday
except for that the big stone must have been man-height

In any case, it is a colorful and festive day, remembering
the resurrection of Jesus who paid with his life for you and I,
so he can take you to his eternal home in heaven.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday

ABOVE: with my 10- and 11 year old partners in crime:)
HERE -part of a painting that I am still working on –
but it does have text:) Turning out to be very timely,
because this year many more eagles have been spotted.
Makro Tex:

Even though this old farm was falling apart,
every time we drove by, I remembered
what a great looking farm this was in its glory days.
Sky Watch.

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25 thoughts on “AFTER EASTER AND EGGS

    1. Thank you, Penelope:) Easter is for me just as important as Christmas, so that’s why I chose this painting. Am so surprised that the partners did so well, like they had done it many times before (but I knew it was their first time to paint with an audience:))


  1. We may be in Texas next summer, and if so I will send you an email and let you know. We haven’t decided the route yet, but we will be driving to the Grand Canyon and then on to Utah, so we might have a night overnight or two in Dallas.


    1. You are choosing great places to go, Kelleyn! Zion Nat. Park is my favorite in Utah. Just let me know whenever you have made your plans. Jacob, my hubby has worked for 3 years in Germany, heading a drug-rehab program (we got married in his last year there), so he’ll fit right in:)


  2. Tolle Bilder
    Es muss ein schöne Gefühl sein wenn man ein Bild Malt
    Langsam werden die Details aufgemalt und aus eine Idee die man vorerst im Kopf hat ein wunderschöne Bild Entsteht …
    Habe vor ein paar Jahren an diese Materie mich auszuprobieren … und nach paar fehlversuchen habe ich aufgegeben …
    Eigentlich Schade
    Liebe Grüße czoczo


    1. Das ist ja Shade! The thing where no one counts on, is that it takes a long time before the paintings looks like anything what you have in mind! I am going through this with pottery I started this year. More times I make something of which I say, I had not planned it to look this way, but at least I finished it:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Emille


  3. Thank you for your DND-contribution. But your website looks different every time. Or am I imagining it? Your painting looks nice.
    Warm greetings – Elke


    1. This week I changed the header part, but maybe it looked every time different, because you see the first capture of every post instead of the header (which is now the water of the Californian coast)?


  4. Dear Emille, this is a touching Easter story – and the pretty, spring-like picture goes well with it! The eagle picture is particularly beautiful ❤ And it's a pity that the farm is so dilapidated…
    All the best,
    PS: You mentioned the temperatures where I live – yeah, it doesn't really want to get warmer this year. We've also had years when you could walk around in a T-shirt in April, but this year we've hardly been able to get out of the warm jackets so far. (But I can imagine that soon we will long for cooler days again ;-))


  5. I love your art and am still pondering the story.
    I love your photo of the rocks. I was geocaching amongst the rocks on a cliff last week at a state park and thought that Jesus may have been interred in a similar type place.


  6. Greetings and Salutations! I remember stores were closed every Sunday to allow workers to go to church. Post Office’s were closed on Saturday. Banks were closed at 3:00 p.m. daily. The tallest buildings in villages were churches. Now the tallest buildings are usually banks. Looks to me like we need more paintings of Easter stories like yours instead of gang banger and war games for children to see. I admire your talent and courage.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, J.M. To me there’s not much courage needed for a story. (more for painting, if it’s about graphic issues:)). Also my thanks for coming by:)


  7. The windmill reminds me of one of my favorite places to eat breakfast when I was a kid. There used to be a chain of coffee shops called Van de Kamp’s. Some had big windmills that could be seen from far away.


  8. That’s a very Dutch name, lol. Did they also have pancakes? (In Holland, pancakes are not eaten for breakfast,, but with birthdays, or lunch) The pancakes in Europe are much thinner than here. And can be eaten with any kind of “filling.”


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