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Acrylic, 24 x 30 inch Flames of Fire, ©St Germain

What is displayed here is the moment the fire of the Holy Spirit
came on the believers, while a cloud is unseen to the natural
eye is hovering over them (the latter is a sign
of God’s presence). The circles of light radiate, enveloping them.

This was fun, and almost like a new thing. Almost,
because I did one of major significance
at least 25 years ago. Went with harder
lines to make it easier on myself.

Photographically, I’m not at the place I can show
that the cloud is filled with pearl (silver) iridescent and gold.

This brings me to nature, which always has
the most balanced shapes –
not too sharp or invasive, infinite variety, and alive looking!
Weekend Reflection

Early crocus spring bloom
in my previous forest yard
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Celebrate life – eat cake!
This slice makes me smile, because
it looks bright and messy.
It reminds me on some of my paintings:)
Weekly Smile

One Word Sun.: drink
An American, who was a chef married a French girl.
They became our friends, and when we
invited them to our house he showed us a crate
with wines, because he did not know what we liked:)
Since we ate fish that day, we chose this one.

A piece of text for Makro-Tex in a painting I am still
working on.

Am jazzed am in another state where sunsets
are very frequent and can be bright.
Sky Watch

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31 thoughts on “ACRYLIC ADVENTURE

  1. Gorgeous photos – I love the stunning pink sky and the flowers are delightful – such a pretty colour. The text in the painting works really well, I love adding little bits of text to my work, but like you I find iridescent and metallic paints don’t always show up very well in photos – now you’ve mentioned it I can imagine it! Oh and the object in the photo on my blog is a hat pin!).
    Diana x


    1. Oh, a hat pin – I would not have guessed that in a million years:) Thank you about commenting about the iridescent paint – it’s the first time I actually have put that in a painting. I always avoided it, because it could quickly become a gimmick, eh? A happy week to you!


  2. Thank you Peabea. It was someone’s birthday, and the birthday boy brought his cake to share with the church. That reminded me on Holland, where the kids share their goodies with the class they’re in.


  3. Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and have a nice weekend.
    I really appreciated your comment and added your blog to my list.
    Greetings Eva


  4. I love your painting. It reminds me of a church that my brother and I visited for some time back in the early 70’s. It was kind of an off brand church but what got me was a service early on where people in the congregation would stand up and question the pastor on his sermon about the story where the Holy Spirit came down. The discussions were very intense but people were very polite and respectful in tone. I was amazed as I was raised in the whiskeypaliean church where sermons bored everybody to tears and nobody cared about what the guy was saying. Anyway, I grew up with a very conservative Dad and a very liberal Mother and they taught us that we were all entitled to our opinions but we needed to be ready to answer for those and to respectful of other opinions and actually listen to what others are saying before jumping in with a response. They both are gone and missed the scene today where you insult people you have never met or seen and they do the same to you.
    Sorry, I will get out of my pulpit now. I love the rest of your photos, especially the reflections and the cake looks great!
    Enjoy your week!! I loved your post.


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