Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Angels’ Staircase, © St Germain

Waited a while, first showing you plenty of other subjects,
earthly, current, political, seasonal, so you know my life is
not in a cathedral, but in a regular house in a suburb,
and my life is as such. Yet, angels are as real as
the things you can touch and feel, like a camera, a car, etc.

This was a dream Jacob had at night,
while sleeping in the outdoors. It was of such importance
that it literally changed his DNA!
He saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder.
Angels are NOT little cute cherubs. What I know from
angels, I have read in the Bible, and have seen a few.
Many are much taller than human beings.
They are definitely more beautiful than people on earth.
They have no gender. Some have no wings,
others have 2 or 6. They differ in rank and purpose,
and is seen in what they wear.
They carry out God’s commands.
They can be fierce and extremely strong.
Just one example in 2 Kings 19 : 35 -at night
the angel struck 185.000 of the Assyrians dead.
They help people out of many messes:)
(Disclaimer, the yellow in the painting is much stronger,
wile the lighter blue on top is not as dominant)
Diversity in Angels – One Word Sun.

Added to the ABOUT section – HAVE A LOOK
( click on the middle of the 3 horizontal lines
on right top of blog)

Hubby has a good steady hand for these kinds of flower captures.
Wisteria in our previous back yard
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

A larger view, if you look closely you see the bird house
in between the bare branches on the right side
(the round hole opening and the pointy roof).
Der Natur Donnerstag

Wordless Wed.

Nature as good as it gets!
Makro-Tex: May, Weekend Reflection

Who says the country side is boring?
Always another view of the sky, the fields, streams,
flowers, weather conditions. All from my deck or across the path.

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41 thoughts on “UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS

  1. Wisteria smells amazing, doesn’t it? Reminds me a bit of lilac. Angels certainly aren’t cherubs and have such important work to do. I always say that the angels that take care of drivers must work overtime or there would be a lot more accidents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the blue-purple of the wisteria:) Some angels look pretty stern, and their height is at times intimidating, but then it’s comforting to know they protect us from all kinds of things:):)


  3. Thank you Deborah:) In the beginning I had a whole period I mainly painted angels. Maybe because many do not know in how many parts and points in our lives they have been involved. Have an awesome week, Friend:)


    1. Grapes – I can see that:) The Wisteria were the first to bloom when we lived at 3000 feet in California, After a cold winter, that’s also why I love them:)


  4. Beautiful photos – the Wisteria is just stunning. We are off to some gardens today and I’m hoping to find some in bloom for next week’s theme but it might not be fully out yet – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


    1. Hope you saw the wisteria you were hoping for, but I think you at least some other flowers blooming. These were on our property in California, and they were already blooming mid april. Haven’t seen them here in Texas, maybe too hot already ( in the 80ties F)


  5. So many interesting things in the countryside – not boring at all. I particularly like the wisteria and the reflection pics.


  6. Oh I like the birdhouse tucked away. Thanks for pointing it out. Thought those were Lilacs until you said. I do not know my flowers at all except Dahlia and some regular annuals. Happy week.


      1. I didn’t see the name Trabonet, but maybe I didn’t read it haha, because I tend to look at the photos instead of words, so you’re covered:):)


  7. Hi Jesh, your photos are all very beautiful. The wisteria is gorgeous. I miss it in the garden, but there is no more room for it.
    Warm regards – Elke


    1. Thank you Shiju, you are the kind of blogger friend I like (somehow you seem to know what’s important to the other blogger – a rare sensitivity:) )


  8. Never heard anything but the most generic thing about angels when I was growing up. Actually reading the Bible gave me a whole new perspective on things.


  9. Now I think back, I also knew nothing about angels until – can’t remember the year several people started writing books about angels, and me being curious Kate read several of them. That broadened the subjects for my paintings greatly! (I do read the Bible too:):) )


  10. I love the Angel’s Staircase photo, yes indeed that’s how big angels are. I believe they are always around protecting God’s children too. Thanks for all the lovely photos you shared.


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