Soft Pastel, 22 x 30 inch Soldier Coming Home, © St Germain

I will never forget this painting in pastel.
At that time, I lived in a street full of veterans, having been in
Desert Storm, Vietnam, etc., so this subject was pretty much
in line with where I lived. What is so unusual,
I was at this point, painting this
for the congregation of a church. I was almost finished,
but I never could finish it, because
covid broke out the next Sunday.
It was literally, a soldier coming home,
everyone came home,
and had no idea we would be home
for months of lockdown.

That you may come to your eternal home in the figurative
sense because the sacrifice he once made, so he could
take you to his home in heaven.

You might not know it, but pastel is as strong and
durable as the oil medium
(Judging from the sketches of well known painters
like Rembrandt, de Goya, etc.).
I don’t use it as much,
since I often paint for audiences, and most of them
have not enough light to see the subtle differences
in colors to see which I should use.
Also, it is more appropriate for smaller paintings.

This paper is from Arches -cold pressed. I like this rough
watercolor paper, easier to handle
since it gives an instant “structure” to what is
painted. With pastel it gives the effect
of little white spaces in between.

Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Citty dwellers have points of reference that may not mean
anything to someone not living in the city. This is San Francisco.
Waiting at the open bridge …. I look at my watch ….

Palms always give such a punch at the grey road sides
Der Natur Donnerstag

When my kids were at home, one of the inexpensive outings
(since I did my graduate work at that time) with them
– when gas (for the car) was cheap –
was a day at the beach at the pier in Long Beach
we always went to, since this beach was the closest.
One Word Sun – pier

On our walk through the financial district in San Franciso.
Am not sure if the two guys are also part of the reflection!
Jo’s Walk, Weekend Reflection

You cant walk without eating cookies – have some!
We purchase this tin every December
Makro-Tex (Down View)

On the way home, we pass the Amador City sign 🙂
This city has one main street, haha
Sky Watch

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26 thoughts on “COMING HOME

  1. Thanks for giving the link to this video – I laughed – a very funny situation:) I included this in my door-frenzie when walking through the financial district in San Francisco – it has been such a long time that I saw a revolving door!


  2. Lovely photos! I was just at Huntington a couple weekends ago. I miss going to Ruby’s on the pier (at end of the pier in your photo). There’s still tar in the sand from the oil spill, but everything is looking a lot cleaner. 😎


    1. Happy to connect with you who knows that area – when (year) was the oil spill? My kids were little a long time ago, so I haven’t been there for several years. Now in Austin, I really miss the ocean and coast life:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The oil spill was in Oct 2021. It reached from just north of Huntington all the way down to Dana Point, but Huntington got the worst of it. The whole coast was closed for a week. We got lucky…could have been way worse. There’s still tar down at Crystal Cove too.


  3. The sea, beach and palm trees are always places I long for. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Jesh.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland – Elke


  4. The sea, beach and palm trees are always places I long for, thanks for the beautiful pictures.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland – Elke


    1. Thank you Keith – it is the coarseness of the cold pressed paper that I need to thank for this inspiring effect. You must be a cookie person?


    1. In the beginning of starting to paint this, I did not have the soldier in mind at all. It was almost at the end, that I thought, there needs to be something big, or significant, to make this painting speak, and it was because all the vets who lived in our street that I thought of the solider.


    2. Thank you Carol. Personal situations as in which street one’s lives, does have an influence on a painter’s art, eh? Have a great weekend, Carol!


    1. In my period of living on the country side I was totally mesmerized by the big skies – I still have files full in archives with skies, because in the beginning I took at least one capture a day. Funny, it’s the men here who comment on the cookies:):)


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