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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Little Boys Lunch, © St Germain

This is the original painting. The couple who bought this painting
requested I paint a partial bag over the fish and the bread,
which I did,
because it would not change the meaning.

The meaning of what happened then
was that a 10 year old boy offered his lunch,
5 breads and 2 fish, when the friends of Jesus
did not know what to do, when He instructed them
“YOU give them something to eat!” He had given them
the example before in providing food for
big crowds (like 5000) of people.
This part of Jesus I am liking more and more, with
the passing of years. Not only did he have killer one-liners,
like – love your neighbor as yourself –
but he took care of daily needs all who listened to him.
Who else, who have attracted multitudes has done the same?!

Delightful Camellias.

Happy Birthday Boo (5th grandchild) last week!

Serendipitously with the painting above, Boo
would have been someone to walk up to adults and say
“Hey, I have some lunch – you can have it!”

Nostalgia – found another image of the birdhouse hiding behind the Wisteria where we used to live:)

Wordless Wednesday


for a reflection of the wall of Sutro Bath in San Francisco,
our big boy (6’4″):) Yesterday he told
us on Skype that the day before someone
broke into their apartment in The Hague (Netherlands)
and stole some big items of another tenant and he.
He told us, “I used to come and feel this is home.
Now I don’t feel that anymore .”
Luckily the insurance will cover some of the loss.
Weekend Reflection

The definition of “plain”: “a large flat area with a few trees on it”
This plain is somewhere on the long stretch called The Grapevine,
between Los Angeles and Sacramento.
One Word Sun

Hard to choose, whether like the dusty plain above more,
or this rugged wall -both have its charm.
Makro-Tex: wall

The colors of these CLOUDS
Sky Watch

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28 thoughts on “THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH

  1. A beautiful post with the painting, story behind it, camelias, and more – I’m hoping you are having a wonderful spring. Happy Monday!


    1. Thank you Carol! Am glad I captured so many flowers in the past, for here many do not have any flowers in their yard, and most of them man height fences!


    1. For sure the insurance will recover it (they’re very good about that in Holland), but stealing has become very common there – he lives in a multi-cultural neighborhood, so I don’t know if the thief will be caught. Luckily they didn’t find his passport, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s very weird when you are robbed. When we were robbed, the most disturbing part was someone had sat on the bed. (and taken my alarm clock – just a cheap plastic thing). I just kept wondering why they sat there – what were they doing???


    1. Sorry, Lydia that you had to go through that experience, I know most people feel someone violated in one or another way (not necessarily physically). Take care, Emille


  3. You’re right, the plain from the Grapevine, the stone facade, and the ruins of Sutro Baths all of their unique and beautiful qualities. Happy Birthday to your grandson. And I’m so sorry to hear about the break-in and robbery at your son’s place. Hope he is made whole via insurance, etc.


    1. Your comments are fun and inviting to strike up a conversation. Some paintings (and this is one of them) I could have sold several times … but of course there is only one original! A European would probably dub a print as “ä fake,” and therefore not bother …


  4. Great photos, and Happy Birthday to the grandson. He’s so cute. Love how Jesus shares so many things with us; especially his beautiful Earth, and when we listen.


    1. Hello Peter, was busy this week, so I was hardly on my blog on Thurs. – so I’m on my way:) I am very lucky to live at a location in the suburbs where there is a good distance for sky pics:)


  5. Hello Jesh,
    thank you for your pictures and explanations. Your son’s feeling after the break-in is probably familiar to anyone who has had this happen. There’s a lot of uncertainty that lasts a long time.
    Best regards – Elke (Germany / DND)


    1. Thank you Elke. Am not worried about my son, he is very good in managing his money, so it won’t be long until he has replaced the items (and of course the insurance helps:))


  6. Thise camellias are awesome and your painting is impressive. I just can’t imagine how awful it feels when some intruders break into your home! Hope with time the bad feeling will be less disgusting.


    1. Riitta, thank you for the comforting remarks. My son had the advantage that because he is so tall, people tend to be intimidated by him. I think he will be fine after a while:) Thank you so much for the compliment about this painting. Have fun this weekend!


  7. The painting reminds me of a Paul Gauguin but with different colors. Wow, your son is tall! Sorry to hear about the robbery. My next-door neighbor’s car was stolen a few days ago.


    1. Gauguin – that’s a big compliment James, thank you! Several see a correlation between Picasso’s style and mine (rounded shapes and bright colors is my guess_ but never Gaugain. You made my day:):)


  8. Ahhh yes, the story of the loaves and fish. I love that painting and the message behind it. You see, when I was praying for the people of our church wanting someone to encourage them, the LORD directed me to that verse. It began a small ministry of passing out promises from the Scriptures in little jars. Thank you for sharing something that was a sweet reminder to me!


    1. Mia, are you on wordpress? Please leave me a link next time (your gravator does not show your blog.) That painting turned out to be one of the paintings people always comment on. Then I sold it, and luckily we have a big printer on which I could make a print, What a genius idea to put s scripture in a jar and give it to someone. Even people who do not believe can appreciate your gesture that you were thinking of them, and feeling for them! Hope you are still doing it:):)


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