Oil. 24 x 24 inch, Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge, © St Germain

The title does not apply to the painting, (smile).

Kind of a heavy title, but I have always been drawn
to these two trees in heaven/paradise that are named this way.
How easy is it for us here on earth to go after
the tree of knowledge, since It impresses people.
Let’s face it: head knowledge is limited to time and space
on the earth. God is much bigger than that, and he is infinite.
When we get on the wave length of God, we can see how
the tree of life contains the stuff that remains
and things that are eternal.

Can you guess which is the tree of knowledge?
It is the red one, for that catches the attention
of others, and reflects self. The tree of life is green,
unassuming and organic, and adjusts to the background.

There was an uplifting atmosphere while I painted this.
A late teen came to me in the middle of painting this,
saying the painting had inspired him to a poem,
and showed his journal to me.
Reactions like this one keep me painting.
I love it when people are inspired, and catch the message!

My last year’s Mothers day Bouquet from my oldest daughter
Garden affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday


I keep eating cake. Whatever some evil people have planned,
they will lose, resign or disappear from the earth.
I am celebrating that:)
Weekly Smile, Makro-Tex- June

Definition of a plain: a flat area with some trees on it.
shown again for One Word Sun

It looks like the upper half of the reflection is upside down?
Weekend Reflection

Maybe the weather alert influenced me about this sky today:
tornado, flooding. jikes. Hoping for the best!
But, there is a sky hole!
Sky Watch

MONDAY – Garden Affair* FOTD* Weekly Smile*
TUESDAY – Pictoral Tue * Makro-Tex: WHATW* Travel Tue*
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed.*
THURSDAY – Thankful Thurs.* Sky Watch *
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss * Weekend Reflection*
SUNDAY – One Word Sun. – plain* Sun’s Best*

NO Thurs. Doors this week!


30 thoughts on “PLAINER THAN PLAIN

  1. The overlap between the trees symbolizes how much of that knowledge we have gained. In truth, the intersection would be extremely tiny, but that would not have permitted such an inspiring work of art.


    1. That is an interesting way of seeing it Ken. I had not thought about it that way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Hope you are getting used to the culture and weather in your “new” place!


  2. I enjoyed every picture in this post. The cheesecake looks really inviting although I wouldn’t want such a sweet topping. My sweet tooth is more along the lines of European sweets which aren’t very sweet. Lol. Hope you’re having a good weekend.


    1. Thank you Janet! Sometimes I eat topping, when it’s a small piece like this (2 x 2 inch), but when I make cake or brownies myself, I do not make any topping (unless I make it for someone else).I will have a quiet Sunday in air-conditioned spaces, since it will be hot:) That’s my idea of a good Sunday, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – I usually do not use two bright colors, but I made an exception here for the subject to come out well:) Yeah, am glad the sky came out so well:)
      For some reason store doors are easier to find (and they mostly have much glass), because in residential areas most people here live in a neighborhood with an association that has rules for appearance.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. In building it probably has to do with saving costs (because to individualize houses probably costs more time)? Yeah, you are in the minority and so am I, lol.


    1. Thank you Keith, if a painting has not more to say than colors and shapes, it is not enough for me. One of these days after reading about my cake, you just have to go to the bakery to get yourself some cake and celebrate life :):)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, the roadside view of the plains and hills makes me want to get on the road again. And yes, never miss an opportunity for cake!

    The painting was also quite timely, as Ain Sof (without end) and Ayin (nothingness) as expressions of the divine came up in my readings on Jewish mysticism.


    1. Amanda, now you brought this up, I like to know MORE about it:) Can you give me some reading material that address these concepts? Have a great rest of the week!


  5. Yes, your tree of life is great. It looks to have all the activity of life going on. The knowledge reminds me how a libray looks; all quiet and people deep in thought/reading soaking it all in.


    1. I am all for knowledge, and always like to learn something new, but there is a level of God’s knowledge that is so far above ours that is merely basic and earthy:)


    1. Your grandson is 25? You must be older then I would have guessed:):) Grand kids are fun, because we don’t have to discipline them (at least, I don’t!) Hope John had a great party! Happy that the tornado stayed away:)


  6. I love your painting. I think that a lot of people don’t realize that God is infinite, they keep wanting to put him in a box. The infinite just blows my mind.

    Love your title. My parents used to live in Idaho on what I called “The Snake River Very Plain.”


  7. Thank you Alan:) How do you have time to do FB too? I am only one there for special occasions (you are one of them, haha).) Was it the name that was very plain, or were there a lot of snakes by that river? Or is it an expression referring to …..?


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