Seemingly another sock store, because no socks
are hanging on the door, like the other one:)

Serious jewelry here.

Close to the Thai restaurant we were
with a blog friend in Nevada.

Don’t know what happened here … dirty car windows?
But I don’t think it could have been taken this
from inside a car with this angle.
You’ve got to be a painter, to think,
“Oh I can fix this, using the stamp in Photo shop”
But since I don’t want to become blinded
I gave up midway.
Strange that only the doors are not effected!


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2 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS (June 4)

  1. Hard to imagine someone can make a living selling only socks. 🙂 But I bet there are some fun ones. My husband would be looking at the jewelry, asking me if there was something I liked and wanting to buy it for me. I never say I like anything because I don’t need more jewelry. We don’t go out to fancy places much now and I can only wear so much to church. 🙂


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