Oil, 10 x 17 feet, The Wedding Feast, © St Germain

The Disciples (friends of Jesus), a part of my 10 x 17 inch painting. In a light brown, because that is how I separated a 115 people on this painting, as the ones coming from the past. Some were fishermen, a tax collector, etc. They turned the world upside down in their times
and caused incredible waves!

They were real people with some good and not so good
characteristics. For example: impatient Peter, sons of Zebedee. always fighting over girls,
pinching pennies Matthew,
treasonous Judas.
But Jesus called them his friends, and chose them
to be the ones who would spread
His Good News to the ends of the earth.
Am jealous of the faith and mercy he had for people.

Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

What about them waves? Standing on the bridge and looking down on a runoff for the
water supply in Auburn, turning into a wild river.
One Word Sun – Wave

Wordless Wednesday


but I miss seeing cattle on the way to the grocery store:)

Some waves. Hubby fishing in Yosemite Nat. Park
Oh, and his blurry reflection in the foreground
Der Nature Donnerstag, Weekend Reflection

Sky Watch

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    1. I stood on the bridge capturing these waves, and the roar of it was so aggressive that I couldn’t wait to get off that bridge:) Hope you’re having nice weather over there:)


    1. Thank you Carol – you probably also have Bougainvillea where you live? They must be very sturdy plants because one of my brothers use to have a collection of them in Holland, a much colder climate (similar to the UK)/


    1. Your comment made me smile, because not too long ago I complained to God about one of my friends, also a believer, and to my surprise I got his reply back “I dealt with that all the time!” (now I have to look it up in my journal what actually had taken place). His grace and mercy is so much greater than mine, that he didn’t gossip about this friends, and is not recorded in the Gospels!


    1. Thank you 🙂 In California where I used to live the Bougainvillea is a very common and sturdy flower, usually used as a wall- or fence climber, or hedge.


  1. The Wedding Feast painting is so lovely and fun! I love seeing the various casual expressions on the disciples! And the Sky Watch photo…wow! So unusual! Your nature shots are also so well done! The power behind those waves is so…alive! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you for the delightful comment – Somehow could not get to your blog. I only see the words “Coming soon” – hope you will, or you have (started):)


  2. Some great photos including the waves on the river and the more gentle finishing scene. The flowers, painting, and cattle, too. 😺


    1. Oh, you have them – thanks for the hint:):) When one of the few times he did take his pole out, I thought, I need to take a shot (he doesn’t like to be photographed, lol)


  3. Oh, is it actually allowed to fish in Yosemite National Park? I had not thought of that. – I love the flowers of bougainvillea. Kind regards – Elke


    1. Hello Elke, at least back then it was allowed (we haven’t been there past few years), probably because they also have camping grounds (a big one for tents, and also some small ones for trailers, but it takes a long time – half a year – to find an open place). Thanks for hosting:)


  4. I love your painting. Reminds me that it takes considerable technical skill in addition to talent to be an artist.
    I love the photo of your husband fishing. You artists eye called attention to his fuzzy reflection. I’d of never caught it.
    Enjoy your weekend!!


    1. Thank you Alan. On a flat surface I can find my way around, but in a three-dimensional way, am always get lost, so I never could do the deo-coaching:):) Thank you for all the compliments!


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