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Soft Pastel, 18 x 24 inch, Lets Celebrate, © St Germain

A dance with a quilt performed on one of the art evenings
in Laguna Niguel, California.
No walls here! It ranged from
a drum circle, to Tibetan music instruments, to poetry.
About 40 people with only one painter: moi.
It was more than fun – it was significant, memorable,
and more of those good things:)

This was painted after that evening, and took me a while
to choose the most memorable, which was not easy,
because I had taken many images that night. To me,
that is the purpose for a believer in Christ, to have enjoy
and celebrate life, instead of the view that
life is holding on to boring rules that limit us.


The joy of the Lord is your strength. It means
if you have no joy, it weakens you in life

It’s not just a wall, it is … hard to describe …
a piece of history … or even
a monument? Enfin, I was totally mesmerized.
One Word Sun., Makro Tex

We started a conversation with neighbors we passed by.
I could tell one was from the city. He immediately offered
a beer from his crate. Then I told the other one
that his tree with the white blooms
I just had captured was just gorgeous
On the country side you may talk then … about anything,
for half an hour or so before we decided to continue on our walk.
Garden Affair, FOTD. Floral Fri Foto

A nostalgic memory
For Mid Week Monochrome -92

Weekly Smile, Wordless Wednesday

To clarify: proud grandparents
she has been studying nursing since

Sorry, a little blurry, except for the reflection:)
Weekend Reflection

Am not sure if this is in the Netherlands or in the USA:)
Travel Tue, Sky Watch

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41 thoughts on “CELEBRATE LIFE

    1. Am happy you like the quilt! Now I see this pastel back I thought, how did she do that? But in the moment, it seemed so natural:) Wow, I am impressed – you must have driven on this highway before – hubby says Yes!


  1. Great capture from Highway 49. I was just there this spring so it’s pretty fresh. It reminds me of some old ruined buildings I’ve seen in Nevada, though the surrounding landscape is different.


  2. A lovely painting, I like the light colors and it looks calming to gaze at. Thanks for always being an encouragement as a believer in Christ. I agree with you that we should enjoy life and celebrate the new life that God has given us thru Jesus. Congratulations to your grand-daughter too! Mine’s at donyarific.blogspot.com


    1. Teagan, I like the color of your hair in the profile pic:) Thanks, Lately I have decided I can’t bow down to a certain agenda, and have been feeling a lot more peaceful (and feisty at the same time, haha). Thanks for coming by, Emille


  3. Congratulations to your lovely granddaughter and her choice to study nursing. The wall is a historic tapestry … if only it could talk about all that it has seen. 🙂


    1. Yes, what you are saying about walls – if they could talk – I think about trees as watchers – if they could talk about the people passing them every day for years and years …..


  4. I love the smile on the nursing grad!!
    I have misc photos showing buildings and I am not sure where I took the image. So I smiled at your image.
    You are right Joy!! Gotta have it, or things are miserable.


    1. Hi Alan, sorry so late to get back – thank you – maybe you should put those old buildings in a post anyway! I put myself on a new schedule now – Friday night I post the post for the following week, since I discovered several bloggers seem to be on their blog in the weekend (although that’s my busiest time, so am not on here at that time)/


  5. Ahh, proud grandparents. Congratulations!! I like the photo of the old stone ruins. It would be nice to know the history behind it. It looks VERY old!


    1. Hi Peter, ruins are always intriguing! Since this is on a road between two very small towns, my sense is talking to the people who live there would help:) Have a great weekend!


    1. Debbie – isn’t it strange that broken things (like a hole) are considered at the time ugly and even unpleasant to look at, but through history they become a nostalgic thing to savor:)


  6. Lovely photo of you, your husband and the graduated pretty granddaughter. Congratulations! Your painting is charming and the message important. We need to celebrate life as long as we have it! This week I have been celebrating life together with DH, doing together plain garden & house jobs. I am so grateful for him. Warm greetings & Sunday wishes.


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