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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, The Wine Press, © St Germain

If you were a grape, would you want to go
through the winepress?
Ouch! Happened to paint this 2 weeks before
the lockdown of the pandemic.
Had no idea like everyone else,
except for a handful hypersensitive prophets.

So, why did I paint this? There is a story
in the history of Israel when they were
in a war, someone was cleaning off
the chaff of wheat in a winepress. The latter, one would
normally do in the open field,
so this was a scaredy cat, as we say here.

Comparing this to the last few years, this painting
shows how it was to do
our work in an enclosed space,
like a courtyard. We kept our sorrows to ourselves,
because we did not want to complain
or share our fears.

It was a dark and scary time for most.
Not exactly what I wanted, and am sure
you did not either.
That whole period I held on to the promises of
Psalm 91, which was a great comfort.
You can look it up on the internet, to know that there
is nothing to fear, if you remain
in the shadow of his wings.
How do you do that? To live in someone’s shadow
you have to be and live very close to that person!
It took me a long time to understand that the son of God
actually wants a close personal relationship to
all who believe in him.

Not exactly what you want in a wall,
but in a ruin a hole is perfect, haha.
One Word Sun: hole
Makro-Tex: Green

Deer were seen daily in and around our Californian yard.
They are okay if you leave them alone and visibly ignore them.
They like their privacy. Except for bulbs, they eat leaves and flowers!
Do NOT feed them, you rob them from self-sufficiency
Der Natur Donnerstag

A rose at a wall … here, it looks beautiful,
but to be a wall flower? Not exactly what one wants
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Perfect reflection at a wildlife preservation near Vacaville, Calif.
Weekend Reflection

On many days there are moments of sunset to enjoy
Sky Watch

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TUESDAY – Tue Pictorals* Makro-Tex* Travel Tue*
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed.* Der Natur Donnerstag*
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    1. Covid is over,but …. they are predicting that by the end of this year they will have another virus for us to enjoy!! This time, I am planning to be steeled against all the fake news who will flood the airwaves again!

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  1. Isn’t it funny? I thought the last two years and all our lock downs was not so much a time of fear and more of a time where we were told not to be so selfish and start behaving like a community (In Australia, we’d be voting to minimise taxes and became very focused on self interest and now we had to shift our focus on helping charities and buying local and supporting small business – people set up food pantries on their fences and people became much more friendlier in the streets. I guess I was scared of giving my mum covid or the kids catching it, but even when talking about it with the kids, we focused on our responsibility to others – which is probably a first for me (it was always their grades, their fun, etc). Anyway, it’s a nice painting.


    1. Here, there was definitely a lot of fear involved, and leaving the house, being together with others as little as possible. Wanted to invite our neighbor and friends (a couple) for some cake and juice for a birthday afternoon (2020), and they canceled (giving covid as a reason).


  2. I really like the photo of the hole in the stone wall, letting the green through. It is a perfect framing.
    A nice view of the wildlife preserve in Vacaville as well. I’ve seen it from the highway, but I haven’t had an opportunity to stop an explore.


    1. Thank you Amanda – the hole was found in Sutro Baths in San Francisco:) About Vacaville: we didn’t stop either, but at times there are traffic jams there, so these are drive-by’s:)


    1. The deer in the neighborhood would have been something you liked. It really gives you the feeling you do live in a forest:) Am fortunate to have enough backyard to take a good skyshot.


  3. God wanting to be in relationship to me was a new message when I was a young adult. I had never heard that and had been a churchgoer all of my short life.


  4. Beautiful photos Emille. The pandemic was terrible. We isolated a lot and have not caught it. In the autumn there will probably be a new variety, but the world will be better prepared with vaccines.


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